Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


1. An Idea

I sat in my brothers room with my guitar slung over shoulder waiting. Waiting for the time to turn to seven in the morning i looked at my watch, five minuets to go. i plugged the amplifier in to the socket of my guitar and it made a little hum as they connected but i new it would not wake my brother he sleeps like a log that why i'm doing this. i turned the volume and the base as high at they would go. i checked  my watch again two minuets then one then 30 seconds the count down 

"ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, fore, three, two, one" i raised my hand and bought it down, strumming my guitar on the way. it made the most loud but beautiful nose in the world and the vibrations where enough to cause and earthquake. brothers eye flow open. i did it again and again "CALEB WAKE UP!" i shouted as i played not stopping when he yelled at me i could not hear him "COME ON GET UP" i started dancing around his room flinging my curly short brown hair from side to side. suddenly my guitars immense roar was instantly killed to a whimper 

"Hey" i moaned and turned to see the amplifier lead that should be plugged it to the amplifier but was in his hand "plug me back it" Caleb's brown hair was all scruffy and his eyes where angry 

"Why can't you just let me wake up by myself" said Caleb throwing the Amp lead at me

"Because you can't wake up by your self" 

"Oh get out"

"what I'm only helping"

he growled opened the door. i unplugged my Amp from the wall socket and walked out of the room with a smirk on my face. Caleb slammed the door behind me and started talking to himself about how he hated that my dad got me a guitar for my birthday. i just shrugged and walked to my bed room fling my guitar on the bed and dumping the Amp in the corner of the room. I was already dressed and ready to go. I do this every morning and the entertainment factor does not go down. i grab my ipod and head phones off my desk just then i feel a vibration in my pocket. i pulled out my phone it was from my friend Nathan asking me if i was going down pole hill (where me and my friends meet up in the mornings) I text back saying 'sure thing'. I put on my white Dr Martins and hoodie then  put my guitar in it case and grabbed my school bag. write did i have everything, bag, guitar, ipod, phone. I think that's it. i put my bag over my shoulder plugged my skull-candy head phones in my ipod and put it on shuffle then picking up my guitar and leaving the house.

I was walking up to Pole Hill flicking through my ipod looking for a good song when i herd something

"ERIN YOU DEF GIRL!" i turned to see my two friends Becky and Kenna. I waved at them and then turned around again still looking for a good song. 

when i got up the hill i saw the rest of my friends Nathan waved to me and i went to go stand with them. Nathan gave me a hug then i gave my friend Nikki and then Alex and then Fish face (Becky's brother) and some other people that are not important. after giving every one there hugs i turned to Nathan

"Nathan" i said in my cutest voice "please my i have a fag" by this time Becky and Kenna had court up with me. Nathan rolled his eyes at me and gave me one. i lit it with cold fingers and took a pull from it "thanks mate" i said punching his shoulder 

"You know you should not smoke" came Becky's voice from behind. I turned to her, her longs strait  brown hair blow in her face.

"No Really" i said sarcastically and blowing the smoke in her face. 

"You only started smoking because of Nathan"  that was not a lie but Nathan did not force me to just when we became friends i started smoking. I still gave her the death look.

"why do you want some" i said holding out to her

"no i do not " 

"oh no that because you only take pulls from Alex if you know what i mean" i said loud enough so the hole group could hear. i took another pull form my fag and winking at her. she smacked me around the head

"Shut up Erin" she hissed through her teeth but it was too late the hole group looked at Alex then Becky then Alex again

"Oh come on" i jeered "everyone know you two are perfect for each other"i said pushing her shoulder this time it was Alex that smacked the back of my head there was a few giggles round the group 

"i wouldn't" Alex growled "I have a skate bored" he held it up 

"Oh yeah i have a guitar" then we had an argument about what was stronger. that went on for a long time. i know its childish but thats what you do


i was walking down the path to our boring all girl school with Becky and Kenna

"soooo" I said "do you like Alex" Becky blushed and hid her face

"maybe i have a little crush on him" she mumbled

"ha i new it"

"yeah i don't think he likes me though"

"Have you thought of Nathan" i asked 

"Oh god no hes so ugly" i had to hand it to the boy he was an ugly fucker.

"hey guys" we all turned to see our friend Kali running down the path she had brown highlighted hair that ran all the way down to her back and glasses that always mad her look like one of thought sexy women you get at the front desk of a perfume shop or something like that 

"Hey kali" i said but she was so out of breath she could not answer

"are you real that unfit" said Kenna giggling but Kali just held up her middle finger at her 

"Erin why do you always have that guitar with you" said Becky

"yeah" Kenna agreed "its not like your in a band" 

then it came to me. no I'm not but i wonder how hard it would be to start one  





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