Rebel Queens

Erin never wanted fame or fortune she like her life until she has the idea of starting a Rock band. she thinks it will go no where but after and year of playing about she finds that her and her friends have talent and the opportunity to be great

WARNING if you don't know who the RUNAWAYS are i say that you look them up and listen to some of there songs before you read this

hope you like it xxxx


12. A Little bit persona

After finishing off our shower and getting dressed me and Leeon decided to go and get some breakfast  We walked down the stairs hand in hand and entered the kitchen. Kali, Becky, Kenna and Vicky where sat round the table sniggering 

"what are you guys laughing at" i asked but they all just shook there heads at me 

"Nothing" said Kali with a big grin i walked to the fridge and got out the bread 

"did you have a nice shower" asks Vicky and they all started giggling. i glanced at Leeon and then back at Vicky 

"err yeah it was fine" i turned and put some bread in the toaster. 

"did you open the window it must have bean really hot and steamy in there" said Kali and the how group burst out laughing. I looked at Leeon and embarrassment washed over me.

"i think i know what this is about" i said sitting down at the table with Leeon "okay spill how did you find out"

"Well" said Kali clapping her hands together "I went up stairs to get you for breakfast when i herd you two in the shower. I went back to the kitchen got these lot to listen" i banged my head on the table and groaned in embarrassment then felt Leeon's hand on my back

"Ezza you lost your virginity in the shower" said Becky. i leafed my head from the table 

"that was not my first time"

"WHAT!" they all said in unison 

"let me explain, i woke up in the middle of the night last night and so did Leeon that was my first time"

"oh my god Ezza how old are you" said Kali

"Im sorry Kat but you can not talk you and Jaxon have most likely bean Hopping like bunny's down there" i said pointing to her

"Me and Jaxon have not had sex yet" said Kali with a strait face 

"really but when ever you to are together you are making out" i said frowning

"Just because i'm making out with him does not mean i'm having sex with him" she shot back

"Oh sorry" i muttered. Just the Jaxon came in 

"morning what did i miss" he said going to the toaster and flicking up my toast for him self 

"Ezza and Leeon have just had Shower sex" announced Kali. he looked at me and Then at Leeon and smiled

"Good on ya bro" he said and clapped him on the back. i rolled my eyes 

"Kat can i talk to you?" i asked 

"yeah sure" we walked out the room and and upstairs in to my room. i turned to her and took a beep breath

"Kat I want you to straiten my hair" i said know that she has bean asking to do this for the past two years 

"Oh, my god yes. Do you have hair straightener?"

"Yeah but i have only used them once" 

"Okay well your hair is dry now so i can start now" she grabbed my hair brush from the desk and i went under my bad where i leafed my hair straightener. we both sat on my bed, Kali behind me forcing the two hot plaits on my hair 

"your hair is so thick" kali said as she pinned up half my hair so she could straiten the bottom half 

"I know that's why i don't do anything with it" i said and winced as she tugged on my hair

"so what mad you want to straiten your hair?"

"Leeon said i Looked cute and i don't want to look cute" she did not say anything just carried on humming a tune. After about 30 minuets Kali sighed 

"there done" we went to the bath room mirror. I put ti in a side parting so some of my hair went over one eye. 

"Its perfect" i said giving Kali a hug "thank you" 

"any time" she said and then walked out of the room. i stood there for a long time running my finger through the soft strait hair.

"i still think you look better with curly hair" i turned to face Leeon 

"Its just and experiment i might keep it i might not"

"well i like you t curls" he said coming closer and running his finger through my hair "but i have to say you look rather sexy with strait hair 


"Um-hm" he said nodding and pulling me closer to him. he leaned in to kiss me and i went up on tip toe to reach him

"Hay brake it up i want to keep my Breakfast down thank you" said Kali she was standing in the door was 

"sorry Kat my house my rules" i said and slammed the door in her face. Leeon chuckled and held me to him tighter and leaned down again and his lips pressed mine softly. I like kissing him when i was sober because it made my heart race and i was aware of what was going on. he started planting little kisses on my cheek , along my jaw and down my neck

"Leeon, wrong place wrong time" i whispered. he stopped, looked in my eyes and smiled 

"your are kinda perfect ya know sugar" he whisperer and i smiled at words i had said to him this morning 

"come on lets see what the others are doing" i said pulling away from him and walking out the bath room. his hand slipped round my wast as we walked down stairs where Kali and Jaxon where sitting.

"where did the others go" i asked 

"they leafed" said Kali "and i should go and tell my dad why i have not bean home for the last two nights"

"Okay" i said Kali came up to me and gave me a hug and the her and Jaxon leafed laving me alone in a house with Leeon. i sighed

"you should go home to" i said

"Well i have my own place so i don't have to go home" he said 

"What! you live on your own?" 

"yeah Im seventeen so i can live where i like its not all that good but i like it"

"wow how do you pay for it"

"when my mother died we found that the had a small fortune lock away and all 50,000 pounds went to me and i get money with my music"

"wow" i breathed

"would you like to come round"

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