Sitting on a toilet

Today a toilet tomorrow the world...
15 year old Chester is not normal. She is an alien from outer space. She cannot live without recharging her batteries every now and then but to do this she must sit on the toilet.
A tale of love, loss and friendship.

~Based on a true story of one incredible girl~


1. Crash Landing

"AAAAAAAAH!" Chester yelled in horror as her spaceship landed on the ground with a thud. The Spice Girls soundtrack which was currently playing went all wonky and baby spice suddenly sounded like a cow getting hit by a bus about to give birth.

Chester stood up from the currently in flames ship and patted her fat tummy. 

"I'm hungry!" Chester muttered. So she grabbed a peice of wood, a felt marker and wrote on it in block letters.

"GIMME FOO-OO-OO-OOD!" Its not her fault, she was from outer space of course she didn't know how to spell.She made her way down to a city called Dallas and held up the sign.

"NOM NOM EEPA CHOM!" She chanted over and over as citezins of Dallas fled at the sight of her. Tulisa came along and started to sing Sight Of You so Chester ate Tulisa and Jessie J came over singing Who's Laughing Now but Chester ate her too! 

Finally someone shoved a piece of paper in Chester's hand and ran. It said Mc Donalds on it. Chester didn't have a clue what this Mc Donalds meant but there were directions on it and teenage aliens were usually brilliant at tracking things with directions down.

Chester followed the directions squealing. 

"FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!" She sang. People screamed and ran away, probably because of how weird she looked, but Chester didn't care she loved herself. 

Eventually Chester came face to face with a huge building. It said the same thing on the roof as her leaflet. Chester assumed this was her place. She sighed.

"Gwanamara twy!" She said which in English means: here goes nothing!

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