The Fearless Cavaliers

One of my rare attempts at poetry.


1. The Fearless Cavaliers


The sun rose over the country as the enemy approached.

The taunting of the army their fiery anger stoked.

Though the enemy was twice as large in size as the better men that waited,

The latter did not flinch. Only stood with their breath bated.

They were the fearless cavaliers.


The battle was about to start, the mountains hid the glaring sun.

This battle could change history, depending on who won.

Out on the open plains surrounded by hills on every side,

The townspeople would be safe from danger –

But their soldiers couldn’t hide.

As the enemy grew closer, they readied for attack

And hurriedly forgot their fears.

Ah! Those fearless cavaliers.


As the enemy grew audible, the General cried, ‘Attack!’


The cavaliers ran forward, their fear in man no more.

Right now they only feared in God, who had power to save them all.

When the armies met in the middle of the plain, then begun a great confusion.

Both sides wore shining armour. They could not tell who was with or against them.

Still the soldiers fought on bravely,

Ignoring bitter sneers.

I wish you could have seen them then!

Those fearless cavaliers.


At sometime around midday, the battle had almost stopped completely.

The question, ‘Friend or foe?’ was being now asked indiscreetly. 

The soldiers could not answer back, only question in return.

Even the Generals were bewildered; one cried out loudly ‘About turn!’

But the soldiers couldn’t hear the cry; it was drowned out by the questioning.

While they weren’t exactly geniuses, they heartily tried their best to win.

Those fearless cavaliers.


Eventually they reached a point where the enemy had mostly fled.

As for the fearless cavaliers, most were hurt or dead.

Things continued in this manner,

Until only three were left.

The first one laughed, ‘Art thou my friend or foe?’

The second and third shrugged, ‘We really wouldn’t know.’

‘Shall we say the battle is ended?’ The second asked the third.

‘Indeed,’ the third agreed, though he only said one word.

‘Shall we tell the village that the battle has been drawn?

Or say they may live peacefully, now the enemy is gone?’

The three men happily agreed, and, a month later, every one found

The battle had undeniably been won.

For they were fearless cavaliers.  



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