Nowhere to run

A 14 year old boy named Bill Coreys goes missing when he fell down a hole in the woods. Now, D.I. Thomas Johnson must find this boy, before Slender man has his possession...


5. Unitendification

The camera was recording every second of what happened that night, and Johnson was still awake and by his camera. It was around midnight when a rustling noise came from the trees. Johnson was busy looking through a window but as soon as he heard it, he snapped to his senses and pulled a gun from his pocket. The figure came out of a bush and glided over to the bodies and it`s tentacles grew back.

"Slender man!" Johnson`s mouth fell open. "So the rumours are true!?" He must have made a pretty big racket because Slender man looked up at the tree and Johnson began to feel sick. His head hurt, and he felt like he wanted to wretch.

Suddenly, He felt hit square on the chest because he couldn`t breathe for the next few seconds. Then before you knew it, blood was spilling out of his mouth and onto the floor. Johnson leaned forward and then fell straight out of the tree! He felt his eyes closing, like it was his last few seconds alive... But the camera was capturing every moment of it, though it started going static for a bit, and then turning off completely.

The next morning, there was a panic. A woman was passing by on her bicycle when she saw Johnson lying unconsious in a hedge. His face was covered in sweat and blood, and he kept throwing up in the night. Johnson awoke a half hour later to find a crowd of citizens around him. The first thing Johnson could say was, "Is my camera OK?" Someone came up and said, "Not really, sir. But we did burn some footage onto a tape."

"Excellent," Johnson staggered to his feet. "Now, just give it here..."

"First, we have to give it to the police!" The boy answered, narrowing his eyes.

"Well, that is... a great plan!" Johnson replied. And so, he took the tape and showed it to the national police force, but they didn`t understand.

"How... how does it go static?" he asked.

"It`s what happens when you see him." Johnson answered, avoiding eye contact.

" I see. Well, this has changed the cause of humanity, Johnson. We shall have to kill this being, what ever it is.

" Officers, I have only found out that his name is Slender man and that he has done this to a boy named Bill Coreys at the same time as the other policemen`s deaths." Johnson noted as the officer wrote it down.

" Keep up the good work, Johnson, We shall do some research on this "Slender man" while you go home and rest, you`ve done far more than we expected." So Johnson walked down the stone steps that led to the police station and into town one more.

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