Nowhere to run

A 14 year old boy named Bill Coreys goes missing when he fell down a hole in the woods. Now, D.I. Thomas Johnson must find this boy, before Slender man has his possession...


1. The note

This story starts with a boy named Bill Coreys. He was just an average fourteen year old boy who loved cycling, making movies and spending time with friends. One morning, Bill`s Dad asked him if he would kindly go up to the shop and get the Daily Newspaper. So Bill did as told. On his way, he was walking down an alleyway, when he saw a note pinned to a disgusting bin, which was dented and had flies buzzing around it. The note said, "Always watches, but with no eyes."

"That`s funny," Bill thought to himself, as he pulled the note from the bin. "How can somebody watch stuff with no eyes?" He carried on walking until he was at the newsagents. On the way in, Bill saw a sign that said, "EVERYTHING MUST GO! STORE CLOSING DOWN!" Bill watched as two men handed in a DVD called, "The haunting of Slender man." As Bill looked on the cover, he saw a man, just a plain man, but something looked wrong. The man`s arms were down to his feet, and his face...

well, there was no face! It was just a plain white head with nothing on it. Nothing at all.

"Woah! Bill said aloud, and then clapped his hand over his mouth as though he was innocent. "He has no face! Just like what that note said!" Bill pulled out the crumpled note from his back pocket and read it over again. Well he must have been reading the note for a long time, because an announcment said, "ATTENTION, SHOPPERS. THE SHOP WILL BE CLOSING IN TEN MINUTES. THANK YOU!" And then there was the loud BEEP, and the same noise of ladies talking continued.

"Better get this blooming paper before it`s too late!" Bill sprinted down to the shelf where the newspapers were and pulled his newspaper off it. And then took it to the tills. But unfortunatly, there about a dozen old people in front of him. Suddenly, his phone rang and he answered it. It was Mum and Dad, as he guessed.

" Where the hell are you, young man?" He could hear Dad shouting at the other end of line. "We were just about to phone the police!"

"Sorry, Dad," Bill tried to sound innocent, but his red-faced father was not a thick person.

"Sorry," Dad mimicked Bill`s word. "Isn`t going to do much about it, is it? I have waited for this wretched paper for about two and a half hours! Where ARE you?"

" I`m at the back of a really long queue," Bill answered, quietly. " The shop`s closing in a few minutes anyway! I might as well have to buy your paper tomorrow!"

" YOU WILL JOLLY WELL BRING IT TO ME NOW!" Bill`s Dad roared from the end of the line.

Bill could do nothing but listen to his Dad swearing at him, so he just hung up. "I never want to see that lazy old cow AGAIN!"

And with that, Bill ripped the newspaper he had in his hands and stormed out of the door, without looking back.

" It`s all stupid, that old cow who cares about no one but himself. well I`ll show him what I think of his attitude!" Bill smiled menacingly as if you would know something bad would happen. And that night, something bad did happen. Something Bill could never own up for...

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