Nowhere to run

A 14 year old boy named Bill Coreys goes missing when he fell down a hole in the woods. Now, D.I. Thomas Johnson must find this boy, before Slender man has his possession...


3. The dissapearance

Bill knew he was angry, just by looking at his tilted head and something else was bugging him. Was it just him or was Slender man getting bigger? As fast as a bolt of lightning, a dozen arm-like tentacles shot out of his back and grabbed Bill and his Dad.

They fought hard, but Slender man was too strong for them. A massive hole shot out of the ground and before Bill knew it, himself and his Dad were falling through it. Falling... falling... falling...

"Dad, before I die I just want to say that when I was mad at you, I planned to kill you!" Bill called to his Dad.

" That`s OK, son," Dad replied. " Just I`m glad to be with you."

Bill felt the air slowly going away, and he felt like he could breathe no more. He was falling through possibly the deepest hole in the history of Earth. He could only see his father`s outline and nothing more. Just black. He hoped he would reach the bottom, but the bottom never came...

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