Nowhere to run

A 14 year old boy named Bill Coreys goes missing when he fell down a hole in the woods. Now, D.I. Thomas Johnson must find this boy, before Slender man has his possession...


6. much ado about nothing to do with the vanishing Corey residents

That night, the officer was on Google images, when he started to feel sick, and then he looked out of the window and far away, he could see Slender man again! The officer blinked and he was gone. It was only when he turned round that Slender man was behind him, and he had his tentacles out.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, YOU...THING?" the officer screamed as he stepped back some spaces.

Slender man said nothing, but pointed a terribly long finger towards the officer`s heart.

"No... NO!!!" The officer bellowed, but his words were drained as his chest was torn open and his heart went into Slender man`s bony hands. There was a flash outside then he was gone. And so was the officer`s body...

The next morning two young boys came into the police station to report about Bill Corey and his Father, but there was no one at the desk. In fact, the desk was gone too. All that remained inside the building were some blood stains on the wall and a note that said, "can`t run."

Johnson came bouncing merrily into the room before noticing the blood.

"Holy mother of Saint George! What the hell happened?" He asked the boys.

"A murdered police officer with something to do with Slender man happened!" One of the boys said. "Look at this!"

The boys showed Johnson the note on the wall and Johnson looked confused.

"I played a game once called Slender the eight pages." The other boy said, nervously. "You`re supposed to find eight pages and then, Slender man won`t get you!"

"You are a genius! We already have two, so we need six more pages for him to go away!" Johnson summed it all up.

" Yeah," The other boy said, slowly. " So six more pages and he won`t come and kill us?

"Yeah!" Johnson replied, grinning. "I saw a pages that said "No, no ,no, no, no, no, no, no, no" on it?"

" That`s it! The note says no because the person who wrote the page didn`t want to be killed!"

"So we`re gonna go get some more pages!" The other boy said, as he strolled out of the door...



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