Nowhere to run

A 14 year old boy named Bill Coreys goes missing when he fell down a hole in the woods. Now, D.I. Thomas Johnson must find this boy, before Slender man has his possession...


2. Letters and research

"Where is my paper?" Boomed Dad as Bill strolled through the door, caring less.

" Oh, hi Dad!" Bill waved to his Dad, cheerfully.

"I said, WHERE IS IT?"

"Where`s what?" Bill asked, as if he had forgotten the past half hour of everything that had happened.


" I`m so sorry, father, but I don`t know what you are talking about." Bill said, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. " I only went to hang out with Colin and Harry down the street."

" So you don`t have my newspaper?" Dad asked, a bit quieter than his normal angry voice.

" No, Dad, I`m afraid I don`t." Bill said, looking sadly down to the floor and looking behind his back, pretending to cry.

" I`m sorry I shouted, son," Dad said holding out his hands for a hug. Bill knew he could not hold down a hug, so he flew effortlessly into his father`s arms.

" I need to do some research, " Bill said. "On the computer."

His defeated father sighed and looked at the clock. "All right. But half an hour, ok?"

" Deal!" Bill shaked his father`s hand and flunked himself at the computer screen. Somehow, the flickering light telling you to type the password came up, even when the computer wasn`t plugged in.

" I never knew this thing had wireless connection!" Bill looked astounded at his screen then typed in the password, "COREYS."

Instantly, the screen went black but a blood red shape was visible through the screen. Bill looked closely, and it said two words:

I`M COMING. Bill heard a crack of thunder outside and a car pulled up at the driveway. Bill`s dad went to open it, while Bill stared at the screen, open mouthed.

" Evening, Gentlemen," Mr Corey said to the two police men who were standing in the doorway. " What can I do for you?"

" Well," The first man said pulling something out of his pocket. " You can pay for this shredded newspaper your son demolished earlier today. And then we`d like you to leave the county!"

" OUT... THE COUNTY?" Bill`s father looked shocked. Why?

" Well, apparently a guy with a suit and no face has cursed your family in the most tragic way possible."

" Oh yeah? Try me!"

The policeman bent over and whispered so Bill couldn`t hear, but he did. "The slender man has cursed you with... death."

At that moment, a white headed figure in a suit appeared on the computer screen. The second police man fainted, but the first one shouted, "THAT`S HIM!"

Instantly, the policeman drew a gun from his pocket and shot several bullets in the screen and Bill only just managed to dodge them. Suddenly, another crack of lightning hit the driveway and There was... SLENDER MAN.

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