Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


3. New Surroundings



Chapter 3.
New Surroundings.

I felt a hand slip in-between mine, the persons hand was soft and warm, I wanted to open my eyes and see who was sitting beside me and holding my hand, but I couldn’t. I could hear footsteps coming and leaving, I noticed whatever I wanted to say it burned in my throat, my mouth tasted like salt water, and my eyelids were heavy.

“Molly, Molly if you can hear me, please squeeze my hand” I heard someone say, I think I managed to move a finger, then the cold hand slipped out of mine and walked away. Shortly after the man who held my hand and told me to squeeze it walked away, I heard voices.

Mum? Dad? I think that’s who it is.

“David, don’t be too harsh on yourself, daughters can be…” There was short pause after the sentence. “They can be a struggle” He finished. It sounded a lot like Mario.


I heard my door open then shut again, I wanted to scream ‘don’t leave’ but I couldn’t.
“Molly, please wake up! It’s been three weeks, so please wake up for us!” A male said, a strong Italian accent, Angelo? What was he doing in my room? And telling me it’s been three weeks. Three weeks from what?

I could feel him slipping his hand into mine, instantly something lit up inside of me, my hand tightened around his, his hand did the same, I squeezed his hand in case he thought it was a false alarm.


“DAVID, DAD!” He yelled, they both come rushing in,

“What is it son?” Mario asked, worry in his voice,

“She’s waking up!’ Angelo said again, shortly after that, I tried opening my eyes, they opened slightly, to see bright lights staring down at me, and I squinted.

“Turn them bloody lights off!” I mutter, Angelo or someone I just assume it was Angelo laughed.

“As you wish” Someone said, and then it went semi dark,
I opened my eyes fully and took a look around, I wasn’t home in my room I was in a hospital.

“What happened? Why am I here?” I ask them, I literally had so many questions,
“All for another time Molls” Dad said, I just agreed not to ask a whole heap of questions.
“What’s to eat?” I ask them, everyone in the room crack up into laughter, “What’s so funny?” I ask again.

“Nothing” They answered. I nodded, a few minutes later the doctor brought a tray of food in for me, I honestly hate hospital food like any human being, but I ate it all just because I was completely staving!

“She eats like a mammoth!” Dad says to mum, she laughed and elbowed him in the gut, I was sitting in my room, listening to music, mum and dad brought my Iphone in, fully charge, along with the charger, which I thanked them for greatly for. I couldn’t go without music for a day.


Which brings me to another thing. When I was out cold for them few weeks, Angelo apparently stayed here, like slept and stayed in my hospital room for around two weeks. He sang to me, and played music for me. It’s sweet if you ask me.

“Everyday everyday the sun comes out,

I know that we will be okay,

Everyday everyday the moon shines bright,

And on my heart your head will lay,


Because I am with you,

And I love all that you do,

I know we're meant to be,


So stay with me,

And together we we'll sing,

Together we will sing,


Dah dahdah dah dah dah,

dah dahdah dah ooouuuhh oohhhh,


Everything you do, everything you day,

What you say?

Everywhere you go, everything you do

What you do?

I know we'll make it through”

Slyfox and the Curious Cat came on with their hit single, Stuck In Your Radio came on, well not really came on, it’s more or less bound to come on, because it’s the only song I basically listen to when I’m unwell.

Like any other time I have music going, I don’t know that I am singing.
I finish the first verse, then I hear a loud applause, I turned my head to the doorway to see my doctors and a few of the patients who were around my room, crowding around the outside, I take it they all heard me. I blushed deeply and pulled my head under the covers.

“Everyone is gone” I hear my doctor say, I peer out from my blankets to see my doctor, Dr. Gillian standing there looking at my monitor, he ticked off everything on my chart, turned off my machines and took the needles out gently.

“You have an incredible voice, I would like you to showcase that at this years talent quest, the local high school has.” He says, I nodded. I’d think about it, but I never went well with crowds,

“Ill think about it” I say, He looks at me and smiles.

“Your mother dropped In these clothes, your ride will be waiting in the lobby, now, if you feel anything like nausea, sickness swirls in the stomach I need you to come back.” He says, I thanked him and he walked out of the room, shutting the blinds as he left. I got dressed, packed my bags and walked out of the room to my surprise not seeing Dad or Mum standing there but Angelo and his family.


Angelo’s P.O.V

I wanted to scream and tell them that there would’ve been someone up there. But I knew I couldn’t. I knew if I did that I’d be in trouble myself! But when her father said that the look on her face was heartbreaking. I watched her run out the front door, I started to follow but my name was being called out, I stopped in my tracks and faced my dad. He knew that we’d just caused some family feud, and I knew that too.

Next thing I heard was two loud smashes, David, Christine, Mum; Dad and myself ran outside not to see Molly but to see the two front windows smashed completely.

“We are terribly sorry that our daughter ‘caused trouble” David said, I wanted to yell and scream at him, but I knew I couldn’t do that.


I excused myself and went back inside, through the living room, kitchen then out into the backyard. I jumped the fence and ran out into this small clearing I had made years ago.

I started to think, I stood there motionless for several minutes. And came to my conclusion.
‘I won’t disturb her family or mine till next week. I will look for her and I wont give up’ That’s when I decided to do the right thing, that I’d, Angelo Constino, would become her personal Gardian angel.

I jumped back over the fence and walked inside, I found my mother and father sitting in the lounge, I approached them,

“ I have decided. It’s time I started to protect someone I love.” I started off, this time I didn’t get an approving look from my father. He didn’t think I was ready for this, and to be honest neither did I. But it felt right, so I will do that. It’s the right thing to do!

“And who do you wish to protect son?” He answers. I only had one wish, and one duty to fulfil. So I answered back blankly but strongly.






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