Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


7. Never Again


Chapter 7.
Never again

Molly’s P.O.V

“Oh my goodie goodie gum drops that was amazing!” I exclaimed, Angelo took one look at me and started laughing. I pouted as he laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, faking to be sad.

“You said ‘Oh my goodie goodie gum drops” He mocked. I frowned,

“I don’t speak like that!” I said, now annoyed.


“I know,” he said letting out a sigh.

“Come on I want to show you something” I didn’t get a say, he grabbed my hand and we were on our way back to the car. Once we got to the car he stopped me and got something out of his back pocket.

“Stay still love” He said, the last thing I remember seeing was the city lights.

“Okay. It’s either I’m dying or I am going to get killed?” I asked sarcastically. I heard his low chuckle from behind me.

“In you go” he took my hand and led me into the car; he reached over me and put the seat belt on. I heard the car door shut, but soonly to open again. The engine purred and I could feel that we now were on the move.


“Angelo where are we going?” I curiously asked. I didn't get a reply, or so I know… He turned the radio on… The old country music blared through the speakers.

I hate country music.


“IF YOU WONT TELL ME WHERE WE ARE GOING ATLEAST TURN THAT CRAP OFF!” I yelled. I later heard the radio change to another channel.

“Rock really?” I asked.

“At least it’s better than that ‘crap’ huh?” He replied back.

I nodded in agreement. He was right; it was better than that stupid country music. I wouldn’t even call it music; it was just a person talking in a western voice.



We had been driving for what seemed forever. Literally.
I sighed in my seat, and moved around. I was getting uncomfortable,

“Angelo” I said, the engine stopped and his side of the car door opened then closed.


“Please tell me we are here?”  I asked. He opened my door, I went to undo my buckle his hand landed on top of mine.

“Nope. I need gas for the car,” He said whilst closing the door.

“Need gas. So more travelling… Great” I said under my breath. I waited in the car since I couldn’t go or do anything else. I lifted my hands to my face and felt the light crinkled fabric; I pulled it down from my eyes.

I was welcomed with dim horrible lighting. I looked left and right. No sign of Angelo

‘Must be paying for the gas’ my mind exclaimed.

Out from the corner of my eye I could see a figure emerged from the building and started to walk this way. I turned my head slightly to get a better look at shim.

“Shit, Angelo” I cursed. Fumbling for the blindfold, which turns out to be a purple scarf, and covered my eyes.

I heard his door open then close, he didn’t say anything so chances are that he didn't see me. Hopefully…

I heard a sigh, followed by a few tisks, he started the engine and then we were on the move again…

“You don’t like taking orders do you?” He asked, disappointment in his voice…

“Not when I’m blind folded. No” I said softly. I felt a hand go to the back of my head and fiddle with the scarf.

The scarf fell from my face into my lap.

“Just once I’d like to surprise you,” He said. I looked at him.

“Just once?” I asked. He was really testing me tonight.

“You’ve surprised me once before. You made me think I was going crazy. I ended up in hospital for that surprise! Do you remember that?” I asked. Anger flaring within me.


“Yes I remember! How can I not?”

I remember seeing you, lying in the plain white hospital bed, nearly blue. Every inch of your body freezing cold. You were on life support. Your parents started to sign a legal document saying; ‘if you didn’t wake up within the next two weeks to turn life support off’ I wouldn’t allow it. I ripped the papers from the doctor’s hands and ripped it up right there in front of our families” He stopped his voice flared with anger.


“So what you’re telling me, you didn’t want me to die?” I asked.

“Even though you are an angel, you can save people?” his face grew softer, like he wanted to tell me something but he couldn't.


“It’s not that easy” he sighed.


“What do you mean, ‘not that easy?” I questioned, he sighed once again. I received no answer, he just sighed looking through the windscreen. He started the engine, did a U-turn and we were back in the direction we came from.


The journey back home was long and tiring, we would occasionally speak, and exchange glances, but other than that, we weren’t very talkative.

We had soft Piano music playing on the radio; I looked at the dashboard and then out the window again. And before I knew it I went into a dark slumber.




The next morning, I awoke in a weird room, the covers pulled up to my shoulders, my shoes were neatly placed near the door, and my hair was taken out from a messy bun. I smiled at the scent, soft lavender and roses. A soft but polite knock came upon my thoughts.

“Uh, come in” I whispered. The door slowly opened up Angelo appeared through the door, an apologetic expression on his face. His hair was wet, and a light blue town around his neck. His arms held a light pink towel; he placed it on the chesnut dressing table and took a seat on the end of my bed.


“Look Molly I’m sorry about last night,” he said looking down at the ground; I smiled softly, sitting upright.


“No, Angelo. I’m sorry. I should have listened. I trust you, but it felt weird to be in a car, blind folded.”


“I know.” He said. We sat in silence for a few minutes until he got up and sighed.

“Breakfast is on the table, I made a feast,” He said, smiling sheepishly. I let out a small laugh and pilled the covers off and wandered out of the room behind him.


((A/N: I know this chapter is small, and un-edited. And I’m sorry guys! And I also know it was a late update. Also sorry for that. School has been busy, and I know that is no excuse. Hopefully Ill have chapter 8 done by Sunday! (Australian days/times) Have a great, day, night, afternoon or whatever it is where ever you lovely chick-a-dees are!!! <3 xo))




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