Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


6. Live A little Maybe.

Chapter 6
Live A little Maybe.


Angelo’s P.O.V

As I left her house, I felt sorry for her, I felt like I was the cause of her getting into trouble. One last look at the house before walking into mine, as I walk in, there was a note on the noticeboard from mum and dad,

“Son, hope all went well with Molly, we wont be home until Tuesday night, we have some things to do up at the Guardian Council, have Molly over if you wish. And your mother wanted me to remind you, be careful while you cook!” Signed from my parents, I sighed, Molly, I loved her, more than I should for a guardian. But the letter did say Molly could come over if she wanted, I grabbed my phone, got her contact up on the screen and sent her a message,


Molly :)

Hey, mum and dad wont be home til Tuesday, you want to come over? I’m cooking, and I want to get to know you better.


Almost instantly I got a reply back.

Molly :)

To Angelo:

Yes! Thankyou! You have bailed me out of awkwardness, Ill bring a duffle bag, full of stuff I need. Meet me in your backyard?


I smiled at that, I sent back a yes, and got to the kitchen. Three course meal I decided, that way we could get to know each other better.  I get into the kitchen to realise, that I don’t know how to cook, pizza it is then!

I smiled at myself, gosh I am an idiot sometimes, I went upstairs and made the spare bed in my room for Molly, I have bunk beds that are both doubles, I designed it myself, but got the guardian council to build it, I went for light aqua coloured sheets and purple pillows, it looked pretty cool, I hoped Molly liked it though, seconds after loosing myself in my thought of changing the bedspread or leaving it, I felt my hand start to buzz, it was from Molly.

Molly :)

When I said meet me out in your backyard, I literally meant, meet me in your backyard ;)


I smiled, running downstairs dodging anything that would trip me over; I got to the backdoor and saw Molly standing there like an angel. I regained my thoughts and unlocked the door,
“Come in Ma’am” I say, she smiled and laughed, I took one of her bags she has brought and led her in.


“So what’s for tea chef?” She asks, I blushed; I did tell her that I was going to be cooking…

“Pizza!” I say, happy and cheery,
“Home made or brought?” She eyed me. I laughed and nodded “Brought” I said, she laughed… “Here Ill take you to my room, so you can put your stuff down.” I said, taking the lead up the spiral staircase, down the hallway and a left, my door was opened, so I walked straight in.

“So this is the heaven you live in?” I hear her say, an angel reference.

“Har har har…” I laugh sarcastically, “No, that is in a totally different dimension, this is just my bedroom…” I say, he eyed “Top, bottom” I ask eager to get out of this awkward silence.

“Well I take the bottom is mine, which is made out of the bright colours, which they are both my favourite colours, how did you know?” She eyes me again, sitting down on the bed.

“I guessed,” I said half heartedly, shrugging my shoulders.

“Stalker!” She exclaims, I know what she was doing, and it wasn’t going to fool me, I nodded, a evil grin appearing on my face, smugness overtook my body, I came running towards her arms open, in a second she was up and aiming for the door…

“Nope, not that fast miss Molly” I say, engulfing her in a hug, which took us both to the ground, I swung my body so I wouldn’t crush her… I landed on the ground with a thump, shortly followed by Molly who landed on my, my arms still around her average size body. I chuckled softly,
“Are you okay Molly?” I ask in-between breaths

“Yeah, did I hurt you?” She asks, “A little” I lie, with that she looked apologetic, which meant one thing, she thought I was being serious.


“No…no…. no…. I was being sarcastic, honestly you didn’t hurt me” And with that I felt a fist come in contact with my upper arm.
“Yeah that didn’t hurt at all,” I say,


“Maybe not you, but it hurt my hand!” She says, holding her hand close to her chest. I sat up straight, Molly falling in-between my legs, I placed my hand on her elbow which allowed me to open her arm, and bring her hand away from her chest, I took her hand in both hands, gently bringing it to my lips, and putting soft kisses on it.


“Spiacente Molly, si sentono meglio presto” I say in Italian, pecking her hand, I lifted my eyes to see her staring at me, my eyes getting lost in hers. “Come on Angelo! Hold it together, you're her Guardian not her lover! Get a grip of yourself!!!” I say, I gently put her hand in her lap, and get up, putting my hands underneath her arms and lifting her up.

“Lets go eat out tonight” I say, I grab my wallet, keys and headed out the door, Molly in tow.


Ten minutes passed, and we were on the highway into the city, there was nothing good on the radio, so we were sitting there in silence,

“What did you say to me before?” She broke the silence, I sighed,

“Just something in Italian” I reply back coolly,

“No? Really? I wouldn’t have guessed!” She said sarcastically, bringing her right hand to her mouth that was formed into an odd shape, she was acting surprised. I smiled and laughed,


“Okay fine!!!” I give in, she smiles, “ I said, ‘Sorry Molly, You will feel better soon’”


“Really?” She asks, I nodded; “Wow” She says again, she looked astonished.


“What are you thinking Molly?” I ask her, her thought was out the window, looking into the sunset, I could tell her eyes were lost in a sea of pinks and purples. “Molly?” I ask again, hoping she wasn’t passed out, no reply, ‘one more time before I pull over’ I thought to myself, “Molly!” her head whipped around to look at me,


“Yes?” she asked, still dazed.

“What are you thinking?” I ask slowly, she shook her head, indicating to me that she was in thought again, I smiled, I turned the radio on and ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ came on, I started to sing,


“Her name is Noel

I have a dream about her

She rings my bell

I got gym class in half an hour

Oh, how she rocks

In Keds and tube socks

But she doesn't know who I am

And she doesn't give a damn about me”

Molly turned her head and smiled at me, the chorus was nearly here, and once it was, the entire car was up in singing.



'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me’



Her boyfriend's an ass

And he brings a gun to school

And he'd simply kick

My ass if he knew the truth

He lives on my block

And he drives an IROC

But he doesn't know who I am

And he doesn't give a damn about me


'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

Yeah, I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby

Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me


Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'

Oh, yeah, dirtbag, no, she doesn't know what she's missin'


We sang the rest of the song, and at the end of it, our faces sore from smiling widely and singing…


“Wow your good!” I say to her, still smiling like a mad man, “We should do a duet” She managed out in long breaths, I chuckled,

“What’s so funny?” She asks, face strained, smooth no emotion, she was being serious.

“Nothing, it’s just I don’t think of me singing in front of people.” I say, eyes focused on the straight road. I could tell Molly was looking at me, stunned.

“But you have?” she asked, curiosity playing on her face. I nodded.
“Yeah school, church choir but that’s all” That’s all we said for the rest of the car trip, fifth-teen minutes had passed and we were only now getting into the city, my car being engulfed with the bright signing city lights of New York. I turned my head to Molly when we were stopped at traffic lights, she was looking out of the window, staring at an old couple walking on the pavement.

“Do you people watch?” I asked, she nodded “You start” she said.

“That elderly couple your watching, I suspect his grandfather was in the war, and his son is in the war, his wife, looks sad, but rather happy.


“I agree with you on that.” She said, still watching the elderly people walk by.

The lights turned green and then we were off, I gently pushed my foot against the pedal and my car slowly leapt forward.


We took a few lefts and rights until we came to a restaurant called, ‘Nando’s’


“Where here!” I said whilst parking the car, and turning the engine off.

“Nando’s yum!” she said, shortly after that I heard her stomach growl from hunger. I chuckled to myself,

“Come on lets go in” I said, we got out of the car, I locked in and soon enough we were walking into Nando’s together.


We just walked in the door when we were greeted with the smell of spices. Our stomachs growled again.

“I think you too are hungry” I female waitress told us. We smiled brightly and nodded.


I haven’t had the chance to edit this chapter, so to the people reading this…
I apologise for the errors you may find. I’m in a middle of a competition so I should edit this within the next month.

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