Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


8. It's a bet

Chapter 8.
It’s a bet.

“Okay! Why did you make so much food?” I asked putting my fork and knife down on the plate, I literally felt like I had a food baby growing inside of my stomach.  Angelo let out a small laugh whilst finishing off a pancake,


“I don’t know, I thought we would be hungry!” He said in his defence. I laughed.

“We have food to last us a year” I smiled, he chuckled again, with maple syrup dribbling down his chin, I picked up a clean napkin reached over the table and whipped it off of his face. I smiled as I put the napkin on my plate.


“Well I don’t know about you, I’m going for seconds,” He said clapping his hands together.


“Seconds?” I questioned, he nodded picking up two pieces of toast, a banana and an apple and he topped his glass up with some freshly squeezed orange juice.

“I’m pretty sure that’s your third serving,” I said whilst picking up an apple and taking a bite. I made a face indicating it was sour…

I heard a low laugh come from across me, and soon as I knew it there was a flash. I swallowed my ‘not so sour now’ apple, and got up out of my chair and gave Angelo a glare and spoke gently,

“You did not just take a photo did you?” Angelo was now on the floor, tears streaming out of his eyes down onto the tiles. I walked around the table, as I walked closer to him, he rolled away bellowing with laughter… I kept following until I slipped over in his happy tears river, which only made him scream with laughter harder.

“Hey! It's not funny, that hurt” I said, trying to compose a straight face.


“I’m…. Sor…ry…” He bellowed I couldn't keep in my laughter anymore; I let out a Loud but small chuckle as we lay there on the ground.


“Alright idiot, compose yourself” I said standing up, a smile brightly attached on my face, Angelo looked at me for a second, straight faced for only a bloody second before he started laughing again.

I extend a hand out to help him up which he takes happily. Now I thought I was being a kind person and helping him up, but Angelo had different thoughts, instead of me helping him up, he pulled me down on top of him… I landed with a thud on his chest; I could feel him vibrating underneath me, caused by laughter


“You had no intention of getting up did you?” I asked raising an eyebrow. He stoped laughing at looked at me, straight in the eyes, his face turns from amusement, to love and kindness,

“No, no I didn’t, but I like this view” He said, I felt a blush creep onto my face as I looked into Angelo’s eyes, they were sparkling with pure joy, happiness and life.

We stayed in that position for a little bit, looking into each other’s eyes, when I was flipped over ever so gentle…  Staring up with amassment laced on my face, I could see Angelo slowly closing the gap between us, as seconds go by it felt like minutes, inch by inch our faces became closer, inch by inch I felt my heart beating fast and soon enough there was no space left, our lips had made contact… My breath hitched as Angelo kissed; I let my brain comprehend on what was happening before I started to kiss back.

My hands make their way to his neck, pulling him down more so I could feel his chest against mine. My hands were knitted in his hair as we kissed, Are a little I felt him creating a gap between us. He was breathing heavily as I just lay there confused but happy.


“Well, that was”

“Amazing” I finished his sentence, he looked at me and smiled happily nodding.

“Yes it was” He whispered as he got off of me, pulling me up with him, hand in hand I came crashing up into his chest, I knew I was blushing like a mad women, and I didn’t even need a mirror to tell that, Angelo dipped his head so it was level with my ear and whispered.

“Your cute when you blush” his hot breath tickled my skin; I could tell my blush grew deeper. I smiled knowingly at what could bring his ego down a bit…


“Hey, what’s the date?” I asked casually, okay, what am I kidding what would never bring a guys ego down, they are too big headed… Sometimes.

“Uh, um, October 31st 2013, why?” He asked, I did some adding up in my head when I came to the conclusion that today was Halloween.

Today was Halloween!!! How could’ve I forgotten? Halloween is my favourite holiday!!! Stupid Molly, so stupid.

“IT’S HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, Angelo cupped his ears while a smirk played on his face.

“ I know it’s Halloween, that’s why in my room there are two racks of costumes, I was planning us to go Trick or Treating if a certain someone isn’t scared?” He cooed, I scoffed loudly.


“Me? Scared? What planet do you live on exactly? I mean, I’m the queen of Halloween” I slapped his chest playfully. He lifted an eyebrow a smirk played on his lips


“I’m pretty sure I live on earth? Or is it Pluto?” He played. I smirked at him, so he thinks he is the best at trick or treating? Well I guess I can call it game on.


“It’s on”

“What’s on Molly?”


“We are going to have a trick or treat race. The person who gets the most treats wins. And, the one who gets the most complimented on has an extra 10 points added to their total score” I said evilly, I had this in the bag.


“It’s on Molls, and the costume part is mine, I already have mine ready, now ill put the racks in your room so you can go through them and so I can change. May the best trick or treater win” He said ending it with a wink.


We walked up the stairs in silence; I walked right to the room I was occupying as Angelo went to get the racks of costumes. In a matter of seconds he was back with a smile as big as the jokers on his face, he pushed two full racks in, each costume was in a black bag, labelled. I gave him a cheeky smile back, eyebrows knitted together, boy did he know what he has gotten himself into?

“Out” I commanded, he gave me a look as if to say ‘what you on about fool?’ but I gave him a stern look and he cleared out shutting the door behind me…



Angelo’s P.O.V


I know Molly will take her sweet time getting ready so I headed back downstairs to where our eventful brunch took place, a smile creeped onto my face remembering every detail. The kiss, her on top of me, the laughter and happiness… If someone didn’t know us and walked into the house at that moment, they would’ve thought that we were married and so truly madly deeply in love with each other, but that wasn’t the case, though I wish it was, I really did like Molly, maybe a little too much then I was meant to… But it didn’t matter if the guardian and the one whom they choose to pay their duties too fell in love, I mean my parents did, naturally it’s really rare for that to happen, and I pray that Molly and I were chosen for that fate.


Sighing I started to clear the tables by putting the food that we hadn’t eaten in the fridge wrapped up, I turned the tap on to get a start on washing the dishes to be greeted with a high pitched scream…


“ANGELO TURN THAT BLOODY TAP OFF OR YOU WONT LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!” I chuckled softly as I finished filling the sink up and washing our plates and utensils.


“Dishes are done, food is away, floors mopped everything is cleaned now I can go work on my costume” I snickered silently, before I say anything about my costume, I know It was going to be cheesy but it’s amazing to see what I can do with my powers in the end. I walked up the stairs taking two at a time, walked into my room shutting and locking the doors behind me. My room was simple, white with angels carved into the ceilings edges. The soft blue walls making the room seem bigger then it naturally is, I decided a shower maybe good after rolling over the floor for about an hour, I laughed as I remember that, I’m sure today was going to be my favourite and best memory of me and Molly.

I walked into my on suite stripping down of my clothes and getting into the shower… I played with the handles for a little bit until I got it to the right temperature, I let the warm water run over my body, the heat radiating off of the glass panels, I squeeze a little of my lemon, orange and ginger body was onto my hand as I ran it over my body instantly feeling relaxed. I re-washed my hair and finished up with my shower, as I got out I saw a message written in the fog on my mirror, a silent smirk worked it’s way onto my face as it read:

‘You should learn how to lock a door angel honey, but I also know a great opportunity when I see one, now I know I’m scarred for life for what I have just witnessed, but I thought leaving a note would make it better than scream and run out of the room, don’t you think? But I wouldn’t come into your room without a reason; I was just letting you know the payment for when I win this challenge. And well words can be a hundred things, but a picture can be a thousands times better, my payment is laying on your bed, enjoy darling’


“Kisses- Molly” I read at the end. I found it cute that she left me a note, but then I remember what it said.

“Payment! On my bed?” I say flustered, rushing out of my bathroom into my room to notice that the curtains were drawn back and the lights off and door shut.

I re-opened the curtains and turn back to my bed, or should I say payment, because there laid a short cocktail dress, purple and frilly, silver sparkling heals, hair extensions that were my hair colour –thankfully-, accessories and make-up. I ran my hand through my wet hair as I stared at it horrified.


“She’s going to make me into a girl… Well, that’s not happening… Or will it?” I question.


~ ~ ~

After an hour of looking for the whitest long pants I could find along with my dress shoes I was finally ready, my wings were out, my face glowing with happiness as I stared at myself in the mirror, my hair was sitting messily at the top of my head and a massive smile plastered on my face.


“Molly!!! Are you ready?” I asked.

“Of course I am, wait downstairs, Ill be there in five,” She shouts back, and I did as that. I flew downstairs and stood at the end of the staircase, and five minutes later down came Molly, and well you could say I was aw-strucked by her. She was out of this world, she was perfect and hopefully one day she will be mine.


“What? Cats got your tongue?” She whispered evilly, but I couldn’t form words in my mouth, she was sight to see; now how was I going to compete with her? I mean she was dressed in a dark navy blue corset, a blue and white pin stripped blazer white a black sash around her waist, an open collar that showed her perfect collar bones, a white chocker that had a picture in the middle, and a blue and white button down skirt that was put to the side, black stiletto’s on her feet that made her taller, he hair was in a low elegant bun with two strands curled that fell on either side of her face, and a light navy hat on her head, she was defiantly a sight to see, and I was going to be wearing her on my arm.


“Hm, an angel I see? Fits your description completely,” She said trailing a figure that was covered by a white glove across my chest.


“Your going to be the death of me Molly” I whisper, my voice husky. She gave out a small chuckle before kissing my check and whispering in my ear.

“Tick or Treat? Who’s going to win?” before pulling away giggling and opened the door, giving me one look before walking out, probably making sure to add a swing in her hips as she walked. She was truly a tease…


***(( A/N I know, I know it's a late extremely late publish, but as I type I'm in the middle of Chapter 9 :D And by the way it's un-edited, and Happy Halloween))***

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