Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


5. Getting To know My Guardian.

Chapter 5.
Getting to know my Guardian.

We ended up falling asleep after I had picked the black ballpoint pen up and wrote my name on the scroll, we fall asleep in one another’s arms.

It hadn't exactly sunk in that Angelo was an Angel, and that he wanted to me my guardian Angel.


I rustled and moved around, feeling arms instantly wrap around my waist,

"Now I could get used to this" I say, smiling and letting a little sigh come from my mouth, Angelo laughed, his breath tickling on the back of my neck.


"So could I" He said, I smiled brightly, my guardian angel, this close to me and saying that he likes spending time like this with me.

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach.


I opened my eyes and looked at my clock that sat on my bedside table, and in front of that sat my mug of milo, still full to the brim.

I sighed and shook my head.


"What's wrong lovely?" Angelo asked, worry instantly rose in his voice.


"You made my milo go cold!" I say, my lips pouting, I heard a chuckle, then his arms unraveled from around me, instantly I felt cold.

"Ill make you a new one, stay here!" He demanded, I was going to protest but in a second he was gone, with my now cold milo. He maybe a while, I got my notebook out, the pen back in my hand and started to write. I wrote a song and I named it "Your Guardian Angel".

I closed the book and shoved it back in my bedside table draw, just in time too, Angelo came back in, two mugs full of hot milos.


I took the mug he held out for me, my hands grew immediately warmer.
“Thank you” I say, taking a sip, a taste of chocolate goodness filled my mouth, “Your welcome” He said, sitting back down on the other side of me, he took a sip from his cup, staring at me, I stared back, lost in his deep colorful eyes, colours swarmed in his eyes, colours that weren’t there when I first met him. 

“Something wrong love?” He asked, I shook my head, I opened my mouth and spoke,
“The colours in your eyes, I’ve never seen them there before”, Angelo looked at me and chuckled, and “What’s so funny?” I ask, he took another sip of his drink, as so did I; he placed his cup on the bedside table and turned back to me, looking in my eyes, like he was going to use compulsion.


“When you meet with people like you, we can make them see what colour eyes we wanted them to see, but once you become a guardian there is no point in hiding it, plus we don’t get the colours until the person we have decided to protect agrees with the proposal, and accepts who we are.” He says, I nodded and was going to speak but I was interrupted by his hand, his hand stroked away a piece of hair that was hanging in front of my right eye, he swept it behind my ear, I smiled and looked down to my mug of hot milo, “For instant, mom never saw dad’s colours in his eye til they were married, because once you marry a non angel girl or male, you must reveal what you are addmediatly.” He says, I was surprised, I thought Rosia was an angel too, but she isn’t she is like me, or was.

“So your mom isn’t an Guardian Angel?” I asked, he shook his head, “No, their love story is very romantic and interesting, dad wrote a book on it, I shall lend it too you.” He says, I nodded another question popped up in my head, and I didn’t think before it blurted out of my big mouth,

“How would you like your relationship turn out? Like when you meet the perfect girl?” He sighed, not a good sign.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have,” I say, he put his index finger on my lips, which made me close them tight.
“Don’t be sorry!” He said, “That will be a story I someday hope to write.” He said again, taking his finger away from my lips, he picked his mug up again and took another sip, which was when I realized mine was getting cold, so I took a huge intake and swallowed it.


I put the mug down, my hands sat in my lap. I probably didn’t look that presentable. Another question popped in my head, and once again I didn’t think before I spoke,

“What would happen to me, when you find your perfect girl?”
He looked at me, hurt filled his eyes, “Although I think I may’ve found my perfect girl, I wouldn’t be able to be your guardian anymore. I would undergo all the procedures, too look for a good suitable guardian for you” He explained. “And after that, we’d go our separate ways” He said again. I nodded; I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. But I hope he doesn’t do that. Not that I have had a boyfriend, or know what love feels like, but I really like Angelo. And more than a friend.

“But like I said, I am pretty sure I have found my special girl, and I won’t be getting married for a while.” He said again, which made me smile. “How about we watch a movie?” He asks, my face lit up again. I was going to pick my all time favorite movie.

“Yes!!!! Let’s watch Titanic!” I said, jumping off of the bed, walking to my movie stand, and taking out Titanic. I turned my T.V on, and the DVD player, put Titanic in, and waited til the title screen came on.

Meanwhile Angelo, shut the curtains, shut my door and turned my mini lanterns above my bed on, I pressed play, then walked back to the bed, and lay on my stomach at the end of the bed, as did Angelo. That’s how we remained while we watched the movie. Although throughout the movie we kept moving in and out of different places, we had paused the movie to get snacks, we had three bowels full of sugary goodness, in the middle we had a massive bowl of popcorn, in the one to the right we had chocolates, and the one closer to me we had marshmallows. And we also had two bottles of soft drinks at the bottom of the bed.


“Never let go Rose” I recite, did I mention Titanic was my favorite film. And I major in studying it? Well I do!

“Never let go” Angelo joined in, “She let go I don’t understand that” He said, I turned my head slow motion type, and looked at him. Practically giving him the death stare.

“She had to let go! He was talking about never letting their love go! He was going to die either way! That water being past -20 degrees C. he would’ve died in less than five minutes! He was better to die in the heart of the ocean!” I exclaim, no one ever get’s me started on Titanic, especially at the ending! Rose did Jack a favor.

“Okay! Keep it together,” He says, pushing another marshmallow in his mouth. The movie came to its credits, I decided Ill let it play through, I turn my head and see Angelo looking at me, I burst out in laughter.

“Oh…My…. Gosh! You look like a chipmunk!” I say in between hallows. He laughed and swallowed the marshmallows. An idea popped in my head.

“Lets do the Chubby Bunny challenge!!!” I exclaimed, Angelo agreed, I’ve been watching challenges ever since they became challenges… We sat up on the bed, the bowl in-between us. I started,

“Chubby Bunny”

“Chubby Bunny” Angelo say’s without ease. A few minutes later, I had 7 in my mouth and Angelo was going for his eight,

“Cubby Bunny” He says, I was stunned, he was still speaking clearly, I went for my eight, I placed it in my mouth, I started to say ‘Chubby Bunny’ but they all tumbled out. By that time Angelo was nearly falling off of the bed with laughter, his voice clear.

I grab my pillow and hit him hard.

“You were eating them weren't you?!” I ask, he nodded, still in a laughing fit. I pouted; he cheated and nearly got away with it. While in my train of thought, Angelo had regained himself, and next minute I got hit by a pillow.

“Do you really want to have a pillow fight with the queen of pillow fighting?” I asked, he nodded, with another hit to my leg. “Oh it’s on sprinkle toe!” I said again, hitting him in the ribs.

We were laughing hysterically, getting hit all over the place by our pillow swords, I went to hit his head, but he dodged it, his hands came for me, I decided I’d run, but that was no option, before I knew it I was being dragged backwards.

“Never run my queen” He says, restraining me, I struggled to get free, we were both laughing and both out of breath. I looked over my shoulder, I saw him looking at me, our eyes got caught on each others gaze, neither of us letting go, nor did we want to, I was hesitant, what would happen if I kissed him here and now? I started to lean it, but got disrupted by someone clearing their throat, our eyes trailing up to my doorway, and there stood my dad.

“I’m in for it,” I whisper enough for Angelo to hear, he let a very quiet chuckle, his breath tickled the back of my ear.


“Hey Daddy!” I say smiling brightly; still not realising his eyes were hooked, to where Angelo’s hands were. My eyes followed, it felt nice, having arms wrapped around me, and it made me feel safe. But Angelo unravelled his arms from around my waist, dad relaxed.

“We weren’t doing anything Sir.” Angelo said, he was sticking up for me.

“It’s not the fact you may have or may not have been doing anything Boy, it’s the fact, you’re in a house with my daughter, in her bedroom, for who knows how long!” Dad exclaimed, he was getting angry.


I turned around and faced Angelo, “Go, Ill handle him. Talk to you later” I whisper, he nodded, and he took the scroll that was now beside the chest at the end of my now messy bed. Dad and Angelo looked at each other than nodded; there he went, down the hall, down the stairs then a right to the front door. I looked back at dad and just shook my head. He knew I didn’t want to talk to him, and he knew that that would be the case for a while.

“I’m going for a shower, and then I will be getting a start on tea. Your mother will be home in twenty minutes so. Tea should be ready by then” He said, I nodded and he walked off and I shut the door and locked it.

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