Love From Above

What will happen when Molly's world has turned upside down?

Well, that is exactly what has happened. Molly is from a small town four hours out of New York.
And being told you are leaving everything behind for something you don't know about is life changing.

What will happen when Molly moves? What positives are going to be brought out of leaving her friends, her hometown for some place new?


1. Begging

Chapter 1.


I watched as the revivalists packed the truck, I watched as every box that is filled with memories was pushed into the deepest corner of that truck.


“It’s for the good Molly” My father said, placing his massive man like hand on my shoulder, if you had told me three months ago that we were packing up and leaving, I would of laughed. No joke, I would’ve. But when my parents told me that a month ago, I sat there motionless.


“Yeah sure it is dad” I mutter, I rolled my eyes and headed to the car, as I climbed into the back seat I gave one last glance around my house. My old house that someone else would be living in shortly, I shuddered at the feeling. I heard someone sigh rather loudly, shortly my father and mother got into the two front seats and we started our journey to New York.

As we were pulling out of our driveway, I plugged my headphones in, and turned the volume up full stretch. I didn’t bother to turn around and watch our house; my childhood house and street disappear in the distance.


It wasn’t a long drive to New York from our small town, approximately four hours six if you count stops.

We finally got to New York, and a second after being in New York we got stuck in early morning traffic, then there was a random breath test, New York is mental.


“Molly, You will like it here. I promise” Dad said, for the forth time today. I nodded and rolled my eyes; to hell I was going to like it here. I liked it at my old school; I wanted to be around my old friends. I don’t want to make new ones!


“Keep telling yourselves that!” I say, turning the volume up on my phone and sinking down in my seat, watching as the traffic slowly moved forward.




“It was the coldest night of the year,

Snow-covered street lamps and Belvedere,

The moon was just a sliver,

The light was fading,

The war was on its way,

And we were waiting,


You asked me how long I'd stay by your side,

So I answered with only just one reply”




Till the Casket drops, comes on, my all time favorite song and band. When the song came up to the chorus I didn’t realize that I was singing out loud





“Till the casket drops,

Till my dying day,

Till my heartbeat stops,

Till my legs just break,

Whoa, oh, whoa,

Whoa, whoa, oh,

Whoa, whoa, oh,

Till the casket drops”



I had my eyes closed as I sung; when I re-opened them I see my mother and father staring back at me, smiling brightly.


“What?” I asked a bit irritated.


“Nothing, It’s just your voice is truly beautiful Molly!” Mum exclaimed.


“Your voice is truly beautiful Molly” I scoffed, mum just sighed and faced back to the road.


And hour and half passed and we got onto our street, the street I will be calling home for the next three years. Three years till I am a legal adult,

I can’t wait that long!!!


A tall figure emerged from the front porch, a male; I could instantly feel my pupils dilating.


“W to the O back to the W” I say in under my breath.


“My name is Angelo, I live next door, and my father is the real estate agent for this house, sadly he is out on a job, and couldn’t be here to welcome you himself, so he sent me” Angelo explained the reason his father couldn’t be here, he was Italian… Nice. And he lived next door, another plus.

I could feel a smile creeping onto my lips, I pushed it back.


Dad introduced us, every one of us shook his hand, apart from me, and instead he kissed my hand (Note to self, well-mannered Winking

“Nice to meet you my son! I’m David, and this is my wife Christine and our Daughter Molly.”


My mother smiled widely and dad shifted in his spot uncomfortably, I guess I was blushing like mad too, which didn’t help me one bit.


“Ill show you around the house if you’d like?” He asked, clapping his hands together, and gestured to the front door. My dad nodded we walked into the house and the living room was the first room that we saw.

It was fricken huge. My mouth dropped.


“Better close that mouth, you wouldn’t want any flies getting in there” Angelo said, I blushed deeper. And we moved onto the Kitchen.


15 minutes later, and we have only just reached the first bathroom on the second floor.


“How big is this place?” I say under my breath.


“3 Stories if you include the attic” Angelo whispers gently into my ear. He was standing behind me, giving me goosebumps whenever he spoke.


“Where are my parents?” I ask calmly.


“Down stairs, they told me to show you which room is yours, so follow me” He says, moving past me smiling. I follow.


As we walked down the hallway we passed many doors all a creamy white colour, we didn’t stop at any of them so I knew they weren’t my room.

We stopped in front of a creamy purple coloured door, everything was silent, Angelo places his hand on the door handle and twisted it, and we heard a click and the door swung open, the room was huge! Bigger than my old one.


“Well, go on in Molly!” He said, I obeyed and casually walked in, memorized by the rim around the ceiling.


“Wow!” Is all I could manage to say, the ceiling was white, the rim a very light shade of purple, then my walls a different shades of blue.


“It looks like a lava lamp” I say, a huge smile grew on my face, the floorboards were a mahogany colour, then my sight got caught on the two bright red doors. I looked out onto the balcony; we had the scenery of the forest and a small lake in the distance.


“They open” Angelo said, he walked towards me, grabbing a key off of a hook that was attached to the frame of the doors.

He pushed the key in, twisted it and open the doors came. We walked out; the fresh chilly air hit our faces.


“It’s beautiful!” I say, Angelo nodded; we stood there for a while, and just watching the birds fly by in the misty grey clouds.


“Why does she get the biggest room? Especially with the balcony?” My dad complained to my mother. They had now made their way up to my room and were standing in the doorway.


“It’s because I am the one suffering us moving. And I deserve this, I got offered to stay back home, with nanna remember? But no, I wasn’t allowed to!” I crankily snap to my dad, he and mum just stood there upset from what I said, but it was true.


Nanna did ask me if I wanted to stay with her. She was getting lonely, and I would’ve if my ignorant parents would of let me.


Then out of the blue Angelo popped through my bedroom door, I didn’t even notice that he had left. Oh well, I am glad he did, he didn’t have to see me fighting with my parents.


“The revivalists are here,” He told us. Mum and Dad nodded and headed towards the front door.

And once again Angelo and I were left up in my bedroom alone, silence filled the room, and to be honest it was getting kind of awkward.





“Every day, every day when the sun comes out,

I know that I’ll be okay,

Every day, everyday the moon shine bright,

I know my heart will lay with you”



Out of the blue, again, Slyfox and the Curious Cats song started to play, I fumbled for my phone to realize it wasn’t it.


“Father Hello!” I heard someone say, and then I realized Angelo was still here. I blushed, ‘I can’t believe I forgot he was here!’ I thought to myself.


“Yes I’ll come now” He said, he hit the end call button on his phone and re-focused his glance towards me,


“I am wanted in my own house now, but I will be seeing you around!” He exclaims. “My father and mother have asked me to invite you and your family around for dinner tonight, so I will see you guys around 6 o’clock!” He says, smiling warmly, he took my hand and kissed it again.

Then walked out of my room, I was left standing alone in my room. All by myself, like usual.














































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