Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


3. Witchcraft.

We decide to keep the fact that I could do magic a secret, for the time being. The magic had kind of distracted me from Draco for a short time. After Orla and Neville, the boy who had been with her, were gone, Draco explained about his father, and the pure-blood ancestors. 

"But now..." The corners of Draco's mouth turned up to show a smile, not a smirk, "We know you can do magic, it will be simpler for us." He gestured to himself and then to me, "But not completely simple. Us Slytherin's aren't meant to like Gryffindor's."

This had all escalated so fast, within a day, I had kissed the boy of my dreams, and found out I was a witch, it was too much to take in. I needed to get some air, and we were due in assembly in fifteen minutes. 

I untangle myself from Draco, "I need to go and get my uniform on, and I need to find Harry." Draco rolls his eyes and scowls at the mention of Harry's name.

"Ugh, Potter." He spat the words, but then his gaze softened, "I suppose he is your exchange partner. But Louise, you must understand that I cannot tell my friends about you, I must pretend to hate you in public. Because everyone apart from me, and your friend, oh and Longbottom, thinks you're still just a muggle."

I nod at Draco and whisper, "I'll see you later." Without another word, I slip away into the darkness of the corridor. My heart was still beating fast, but I had to hurry, assembly was soon.

As I entered the Gryffindor common room, all eyes were upon me again, most of the exchange students had been stared at though, it wasn't just me. Harry was sat in an armchair with Ron, Hermione was presumably still in the library. He got up as soon as I entered the room, smiling.

"Louise! You better hurry with getting changed, we have to go down for assembly and dinner in a minute." Harry pulled me gently up some stairs, which I assumed led to the dormitories, "You'll be sharing a dormitory with Ginny and Hermione I think. Because you obviously can't share with me." He chuckles slightly at this and I laugh politely, I was unsure whether to tell him about Draco, I decided against it.

The dormitories weren't huge, but they were big enough. Ginny was already up in the room, and Hermione came in moments after, Harry hadn't come in, as there was a charm on the room so boys definitely didn't go in.

Ginny pats the space of the bed beside her, I willingly go and sit, putting my hands on my lap, I still felt slightly uncomfortable as I didn't really know these people very well, "So, seen any boys at Hogwarts you like the look of?" Ginny propped her feet up on the bed excitedly, obviously not bothered about being late for assembly.

"Umm, well there's this one boy..." I wondered whether I should tell Ginny about Draco, I was dying to tell someone, and she seemed like she could keep a secret, "But, he's in Slytherin."

Ginny's expression turned to a look of shock, her eyes widened, "Slytherin? Um, wow. He must be good looking then, who is he?"

I look away from her, unsure whether to tell her who it was, I didn't want her judging me, especially considering it was the start of our friendship. I decided not to tell her then, but to see what happened in assembly. I tapped my nose and smiled, getting up off the bed and unwrapping my uniform.

"Oh Louise! Please tell me!" Ginny pleaded, she had got up as well and was doing her hair in the long mirror. Hermione had overheard our conversation, I could tell, but she had her nose in a book about the Dark Arts, she didn't seem bothered.

I finish getting my robes on and look at myself in the mirror, the uniform was quite comfortable, and I love the red tie, showing that I was in Gryffindor, "Not now Ginny, maybe in a few days, I just need to sort my head out first." I turn to face her, smiling, "We should probably go to assembly now."

Ginny rolls her eyes and then laughs, "What? So you can stare at your Slytherin lover-boy?" I give her a playful nudge and she nudges me back, I could tell there and then that Ginny would be one of my good friends, she turns to Hermione, "Hermione? You coming?"

Hermione looks up from her book, frowning slightly for a second, like she was still in her own little world. Then her expression cleared, and she gave Ginny and I a big smile, I liked Hermione too, she seemed quite bossy, but really genuine. 

I still hadn't told anyone about the wand incident, when I found out I could do magic. As we walked down to assembly, Ginny was babbling on about how Ron had tried to turn his rat yellow in his first year, and how funny Harry had found it, I wasn't really listening, I was looking forward to seeing Draco again, and talking to him about my magic powers.

The great hall was bright with colour, luckily, we weren't late. I spotted some of my muggle friends sat amongst the students, some of them smiled at me, and others ignored me, as usual. In the air, there were candles floating. The Gryffindor table was on the right, Harry had told me, which was one of the tables furthest away from the Slytherin table. I tried not to let this bother me, and just have fun with my new friends.

As I sat down on the bench next to Ginny, and opposite Ginny, a boy who introduced himself as Neville eagerly sat down on the other side next to me, "Hello! My name is Neville, Neville Longbottom! I kinda know how it is to be a muggle, until I was eight, my grandma thought I was one." He laughs, remembering, "So you're Harry's exchange?" 

"I certainly am." I reply, looking at Harry and grinning, he grins back, though I noticed a few moments ago that he had been looking at Ginny quite intently. 

On the far side of the hall, I could see the Slytherins, some of the had their scarfs on, and their ties were a deep green. I noticed a platinum blonde head sat facing me, it was Draco. He hadn't seen me yet, and if he had, he wasn't showing it. Ginny saw that I was looking, and I quickly bowed my head to look down at the table, she'd probably ask me about that later. While we were waiting for Professor Dumbledore to speak, Harry was telling me about his background, how he hadn't found out he was a wizard until he was eleven, and his horrible relatives he had to live with before Hogwarts. He'd had a really rough time. 

A boy named Seamus interrupts Harry to say, "So, what do your parents do, Louise?" His hair was spiked up everywhere, and he had some black smudges on his face.

I hadn't seen my parents since the summer, which was a while ago, "My parents are dentists."

Hermione's ears pricked up at this, she was sat opposite Neville, and Ron was beside her, a grin spread across her face, "My are too! It's nice to know that someone else has to endure their parents going on about cavities and stuff all the time. Well, that's what mine did." 

I clasp my hands together in delight, "Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I'm really not interested in dentistry at all, but they always tell me these facts. I probably know more about teeth than I'd like too."

Hermione is about to reply to me, but we're interrupt by a loud bong, and a man with a very long beard stands up. 


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