Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


9. The Ball.

Ginny and I spent hours trying on different dresses, she had quite a few, and even Hermione had a few secret ones in her store. In the end, I settled for a long, light blue dress, which was strapless, and floated around me as I walked. Hermione happened to be the same shoe size as me, which was lucky because she had some silver heels that went perfectly with the dress. For once in my life, I actually felt beautiful, and it felt like nothing could change that. Hermione still wasn't going with anyone, she said she was just going to hang out with Dean in the common room, revising, but I could tell that she actually wanted to go. In a way, I was annoyed at Ron for asking Lavender, and not her, Lavender seemed annoying, and all over Ron.

The clock finally struck six o'clock, and a very excited Ginny came into the dormitory, giggling, "Louise, it's time to go now. You still haven't told me who you're going with!"

I gather my things together, and check my reflection once more in the mirror, I was dying to know if Draco would like how I looked, but it was too late to change anything now. I follow Ginny out of the dormitory and down the spiral stairs that led to the common room. Hermione was sitting in the common room, her books out in front of her. She was pretending to look interested. As we approached, she got up.

"You two look absolutely beautiful." She wrapped her arms around both of us, squeezing slightly, "I'm so curious about who you're going with though, Harry wouldn't give anything away." She let go, giving us both a reassuring smile.

I sighed, feeling guilty because I couldn't tell her who I was going with, if I did, she'd try and stop me, "Thanks Hermione." I take Ginny's arm and lead her towards the entrance to the common room, "Come on Gin, we better get going. Harry will be waiting for you."

"And," Ginny nudged me and laughed, "Whoever is waiting for you." She climbs through the painting first, and I follow her quickly. It doesn't take us long to get down to the entrance to the Great Hall, because we're so excited. We're just going down the stairs when I see Harry. He's dressed in a very formal suit, and even though he's one of my best friends, I do admit to myself that he does look quite good.

Harry sees us immediately, and pushes through the crowds of people waiting to go into the Great Hall, I try and see if Draco is anywhere, but I can't see him. He must not be here yet.

"You two look amazing." Harry says as he pulls Ginny in for a kiss on the cheek, wrapping his arm around her waist. They look good together, really good. I feel a pang of jealousy inside me, because no one is here holding me, well, at least not yet.

A few moments later, Ron appears behind Harry, Lavender draped over him. Lavender gives me a huge glare, even though we're both in Gryffindor, she doesn't like me because I'm different. 

"Bloody hell," Ron's eyes widen, he's looking at me, "You look like a different person, Louise."

I blush crimson, but before I can reply, a boy I recognize all too well appears from behind Ron, and he has platinum blonde hair, it's Draco.

Everyone in the circle turns to see who I'm looking at. At first, Ron and Ginny look around for other people, not realising I was looking at Draco. 

He steps forward nervously, and Ron moves aside, his mouth hung open, Ginny looks shocked as well, I knew that she wasn't expecting my date to be Draco Malfoy, "Hey beautiful. You look amazing." Draco leans in and kisses me on the cheek, which makes me blush even redder, like Harry, Draco pulls me to his side, snaking his arm around my waist.

"Wha-what?" Ron stammered, pointing from Draco and back to me, "Malfoy?" he spluttered.

Draco's mouth turned into a smirk, "Nice to see you too," he pauses for a second before spitting Ron's name out, "Weasley."

Ron doesn't answer, he's too lost for words. I find Draco's hand and take it in mine, squeezing it slightly, "Thanks by the way, you don't look so bad yourself." I don't say this loudly, but Lavender hears and folds her arms across her chest, scowling at me.

Before Draco can answer me, the doors for the Great Hall open, and there's a huge rush to the doors. I grip Draco's hand tightly, not wanting to lose him. In the crowd we lose the others, but secretly, I don't mind this, as Draco and my friends don't really get along too well. 

It doesn't take us long to get swept into the Great Hall, the girls start gushing, and even the boys are in awe. The Great Hall is decorated in a dark blue, everywhere you look, there were elaborate table cloths and amazing chandeliers. I sneak a look at Draco to my side, his mouth is hanging open. He'd obviously never seen the Great Hall look like this either.

I feel his arm wrap around my waist again, as he whispers in my ear, "It's so beautiful, but no where near as beautiful as you." I turn to look at him, and his grey eyes, the ones I knew all too well, were twinkling at me. Instead of answering him, I kissed him gently. I didn't care if people could see us, I was so happy.

We could have stood there for ages, happily kissing one another, until Ron interrupts with a loud fake cough, "Hope we're not, um, interrupting anything."

Draco glares at him, "As a matter of fact, Weasley. You are." I nudge him slightly in the ribs, I didn't want to hurt Ron's feelings.

Ron rolls his eyes at Draco, "Whatever, Malfoy." He turns to me, "Are my dress robes really that bad?" He chuckles, Ron had appalling dress robes on, he looked like he was in fancy dress as an old lady. 

I give Ron a pat on the shoulder, "No, Ron, you look great." Ron's face brightened at this, and he was about to reply, but Lavender was screeching "Won-Won." at him. He apologised and went over to her, leaving Draco and I alone again.

Draco still had his arm wrapped around my waist, and I wasn't complaining. He holds me closer to him, like he was scared that he'd lose me, or I'd run away, "Want to dance?" He whispered in my ear. 

Just as he said this, my favourite song, 'A Thousand Years' started to play. We walked hand in hand to the dance floor, nobody else was dancing yet. But we didn't care, all I could see Draco, and I was completely lost in his silvery grey eyes. He put his hands on my waist, he'd obviously done this type of thing before, I hadn't, but I found my feet just followed his easily. Our eyes never left each other, we were so caught up in the moment. I could feel other people's eyes on us, watching. Even Professor Dumbledore was watching.

As I rested my head on Draco's shoulder, he whispered in my ear, "Louise, look at me." I looked up, his grey eyes were twinkling at me, "I've never felt this way before. You make me a different person. I think..." he paused for a moment, looking nervous, but not leaving my gaze, "I think I love you."


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