Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


8. Preparations.

Draco and I had stayed there for a while, just sitting and talking, and sometimes kissing. It was nice to just take a break from the outside magical world, and discuss magic with him. After all, I still hadn't told Harry about my magic powers, I knew I needed to, but I just wanted to make the most of my time with Draco. After I left Draco, I had to go and see Ginny, they were going to see Draco and I together at the ball, and I needed to tell someone. 

As I was walking up to the Gryffindor common room, I bump straight into Harry. He can tell I'm hiding something immediately, I can see it in his eyes. Harry and I had got a lot closer over the past few days, and he could read me like a book.

Harry raised his eyebrows uncertainly, "Louise? What are you doing? I thought you were going to help Ginny get ready for the ball?"

I felt my face go red, it had been slightly pink before, because of Draco, but now I was going into a deep shade of beetroot, "Um...yeah...I was. I was just...watching the Quidditch." I stammered, I'm such a bad liar.

Harry's expression changed to one of concern, "Louise. There are no Quidditch games today. Now tell me what you were really doing." He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me into a smaller corridor where we can't be seen.

The way Harry was looking at me made me want to break down, I hated lying to him. I needed to tell him everything, about the magic, about Draco, especially about Draco. I knew they were arch enemies, but I knew Harry would find a way to understand, he knew I liked Draco before, so he might be okay with it...

I start talking, I start at the very beginning, from that first night in the corridor with Draco, and the "lumos" incident. Harry's eyes widened at this, but he didn't say anything. Then I told him about Draco kissing me for the first time, and the Slytherin's hating me. Draco running off in the meal and me following him, our talk on the bridge, and then finally, what had just happened, how Draco had kissed me, and made me feel like I was the only girl in his whole world.

After I finished, Harry looked thoughtful, he didn't seem to be judging me, which I was thankful about. He finally spoke, "Wow, Louise. You certainly have had a lot going on these past few days."

I give Harry a huge hug, never wanting to let go of him, "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I felt like I wasn't ready. What are we going to do about the magic?"

Harry let go of me and thought for a moment, brushing his messy black hair out of his eyes, he smiled, "Go and see Professor Dumbledore of course."

I shook my head vigorously, as much I wanted to get this sorted out, I didn't want to cause a fuss on the day of the ball, "No, it'll have to wait. The ball is tonight."

Harry's face dropped immediately, remembering I was going with Draco, "I honestly don't see what you see in him, Louise. But I'll support whatever you do. Go with Malfoy to the ball, you'll have an amazing time."

A huge smile creeps onto my face as he says this, "Thank you Harry. I really must go and find Ginny, I need to borrow a dress off her or Hermione." I let go of him and run off down the hallway towards the Gryffindor common room, which is where I was originally heading. 


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