Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


15. Out in the Open.

As soon as I left the common room, I found myself running. I wasn't sure what I was running to, maybe Draco, maybe outside, I just needed to run, to think. So much stuff had happened that it was getting to my head. I was only sixteen, I couldn't handle all this pressure in one day. Nothing seemed to be making sense, everything was a jumble of words inside my head, swimming around, looking for somewhere to go. Confessing my love for Draco to Hermione was a big deal for me, but at the time, I hadn't even thought about it, it just came out of my mouth. Word vomit I guess. 

I was already half way to the Great Hall when I bumped into someone, Heather. I'd completely forgotten about her, my own best friend. She looked tired, but she had a slight pink tinge in her cheeks which usually meant she was okay. I had been so wrapped up in myself and my new friends to remember her. Shows how much of a good friend I was.

"Louise!" She threw her arms around me, which made me feel even worse. I tensed up slightly, not knowing what to do.

"Heather..." I sighed, it probably sounded quite rude but I hugged her back, biting my lip, trying not to let any of the secrets out.

Heather seemed intent on talking a lot though, which was unusual for her, "Don't you just love it here? I cannot believe we are going back tomorrow! Luna has been showing me all this magic stuff and I can't quite believe any of it. How's Harry? There's rumours about you and that Malfoy boy by the way..." her voice trailed off, "Louise?" But I wasn't listening anymore, there was somewhere I needed to be.

"Heather? Can we talk later please? I'm kinda...preoccupied." I gave her a sympathetic look and then kept running, not wanting to look back to see the disappointment I knew I had put on her face. 

Luckily I hadn't put my robe on when leaving the common room, because if I had, it would have most definitely gotten caught on something as I was running so fast. The truth was, I couldn't really feel my legs anymore, but the sight I saw next was not something I ever wanted to see.

Ginny was on the floor at the end of the corridor, her red hair was like a curtain over her face, shielding it from view. I looked across the floor, where her wand lay stranded on its own. Above Ginny, with a huge grin spread over his pale face, was Draco. It felt like I had been punched in the stomach, my insides were boiling and suddenly I felt nothing but hate. I wanted to hurt him, for hurting me, for hurting Ginny, for tearing every part of me apart, bit by bit. For making me lose myself.

The look on Draco's face was cold, like there was no life left inside it, just the evil that was left inside of him. I'm unsure whether I'm interested in finding out the story of why Ginny is on the floor, so instead for a moment, I just stand there. Taking in the scene, letting it slowly rip me apart, or, what I guess, there is left to rip.

"Draco..." I find myself whispering, silent tears sliding down my cheeks, "What are you doing?"

At my words, he looked up, obviously not expecting anyone to come along the corridor, especially me. His smirk turned into a scowl, "Oh, you." he spat at me, "You're the little muggle girl, come to stick up for your Weasley friend?" his words were cold, and they hit me like knives. It was like everything I had said to him earlier didn't matter to him.

My hands clenched into fists, I was afraid of punching him, and I didn't want to hurt anyone, "Leave her alone, I know she was only sticking up for me." My voice was stronger this time, and I wiped my eyes with my sleeve, not wanting him to know that I had cried.

Draco gave Ginny a hard nudge with his foot, and then proceeded to walk over to me, I could feel my bottom lip trembling but I didn't want to give in, I had to be strong, "You have no right to tell me what to do, you slimy little muggle." He was right up in my face now, his cold, grey eyes were drilling into me.

"I..." My voice was rising, he had pushed me past my breaking point, I was going to explode, "am not a muggle." And with that, I punched him hard around the face, there had already been a bruise where Hermione had hit him, and I had just made it even worse.

Draco stumbled backwards, taking a few steps before tripping over Ginny and falling into the wall behind him, he rubbed his head, looking slightly bewildered. At this, I took my chance and rushed to Ginny, she was still concious, just. Her skin was pale, paler than usual, and her expression seemed blank. I needed to get her to the hospital wing, and fast. 

Ginny's wand was still stranded on the floor, I scooted over and grabbed it, and before I knew it, I was saying the words, "Lumos." and a light appeared at the end of the wand. Illuminating the whole corridor. It felt slightly different to when I first said it, because this time, I truly knew that I was a witch, and I could do it. 

There was a head poked around one of the pillars ahead of me, it was a small boy, blonde, he had a camera. I could tell by the dim light of the wand that he was shaking, and he was looking at me very warily.

"Hello?" I said softly to him, he didn't seem that much younger compared to me, maybe fourteen or fifteen.

The boy stepped out from behind the pillar, he was still shaking but he seemed to be a little braver than he had been, "Hi, I'm Colin Creevey."

I sit up on my knees slightly so I can see better, both hands clutching the wand so I could see the boy's face, "Hi Colin." I give him a slight smile, the best I could manage at the time, "Would you like to do me a favour?"

He steps forward slightly, still wary of me, "Depends what it is." 

"Will you take Ginny to the hospital wing? I think she's hit her heard due to..." I pause and look at Draco, "Due to this jerk over here."

At this, Colin was over immediately, trying to help Ginny up, "She's in my year, I'll look after her." He put his camera around his neck, and wrapped Ginny's arm around his shoulder to support her.

I was so grateful for him to do that, that I almost hugged him, then I realised Draco was still behind me. Colin and Ginny went off around the corner of the corridor, I heard their footsteps disappearing into the distance.

Then there was just Draco and I, in the corridor, all alone. I hadn't even know him less than a week but it had felt like I had gone through a whole lifetime with him. If I turned around, I would see him, I wasn't sure if I was ready to see him again yet. I had been so angry, all of it had just been bottled up inside and I'd exploded.

"Louise?" A voice behind me murmered, it must have been Draco, nobody else was there. It didn't sound like him, or if it did, it sounded like the old him, the real him.

I turned around slowly, but the sight I saw was one I wasn't expecting, there wasn't just Draco behind me, there was Alex, a guy who was on the exchange with me, who was a muggle. He had been in love with me since we were thirteen. He stood there, holding Draco in his arms, tears sliding down his cheeks.

"So it's true?" his voice cracked slightly, "You and this Malfoy?"

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