Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


6. Forgive and Forget.

The next day goes quite quickly, Harry, Ron and Hermione keep me busy. I think they're doing this on purpose, but I don't complain. I have hardly any time to think about Draco, and at the small intervals when I do, I'm always interrupted in my thoughts by Harry or someone. I don't see Draco until potions, which Harry tells me is the worst class, because they're taught by a horrible man called Snape, who favours the Slytherins. I still hadn't told Harry about the magic incident, but I decided I would later in the day, otherwise Orla, or maybe even Draco, would tell someone. 

Potions was just before lunch, and I was dreading it. The emptiness in my stomach had turned into a pain, because I was worrying about seeing him so much. The door to the potions classroom was old and wooden, and as I pushed it open, I lifted my head and stood up straight. I didn't want Draco to see me looking worried, or upset, I didn't want him to see what he had done to me. Harry's hand was on my back, gently pushing me forward to make sure I kept walking. Most of the Slytherin's were already sat down, looking worn out after their Quidditch lesson. This didn't stop most of them glaring at me. Draco was sat in the corner next to Crabbe, his eyes firmly staring at the table in front of him. I looked at him, part of me wanted him to look up, and see me looking at him, and I would've carried on if Harry hadn't taken my arm and made me sit down by him and Hermione. 

A teacher, who I presumed was Snape, stood at the front of the class. He had dark hair, darker than Harry's, which hung by the sides of his face, lifeless. His beady eyes scanned the classroom, until his gaze finally met mine. His eyes were cold, colder than Draco's had been last night. I suddenly felt very afraid of Snape.

"Today," Snape started to talk, his voice had no feeling, and reminded me of my history teacher back home, "We are going to learn how to make a potion for forgetfulness." He scanned the class for a minute, looking for someone to pick on, his gaze finally came to me and he pointed, "You, any idea how to make it?"

All eyes in the classroom turned to look at me, I knew it was unfair that he asked me, I'd only ever used a wand once after all, and not even Harry knew that. I could feel Draco looking at me to my left, I turned my head slightly, he was mouthing something at me, but I couldn't understand him. Crabbe was too intent on looking in his bag for some food, so he didn't notice Draco. I tore my gaze away from Draco's and back to Snape's.

"I...I don't know sir." I stammered, some of the Slytherin's sniggered, and the Gryffindor's looked sympathetic.

Snape rolled his eyes, obviously bored, Hermione had her hand up, and she had done for a while, but Snape was purposely ignoring her, "Fine." he let a long sigh, "Miss Granger."

Hermione went into a long speech about how to make forgetfulness potion, while I went into a daydream about Draco. What could he have been saying? Maybe he was trying to help me? I frowned to myself, annoyed that I was letting him get to me.

The lesson seemed to go on forever, and occasionally, I felt Draco's eyes looking at me, but I didn't look back. I couldn't, it'd hurt me too much. There were no other muggles in the class apart from me, and even though I had Harry, Ron and Hermione, I felt a little outnumbered. However, I felt more at home than I did at Grangewood.

Snape finally dismissed us, Harry wanted to go and see his friend Hagrid, who lived down by the forest, he wanted me to go with him, as Hermione and Ron were going, but I told him I wanted to go for a walk. He was slightly skeptical at first, but then he agreed, he knew I needed my space to think. 

I hugged my books to my chest as I walked down the corridor towards the bridge. My frizzy hair was sticking out everywhere and blowing in my face slightly, but I left it. I wanted to think. The bridge was wooden, and had a roof on the top of it. I walked to the middle, feeling the creak underneath my feet as a stepped. The wind was cold, but not too chilly. I rested my arms on the barrier and looked out at the view. It was breathtaking, and just for a moment, I felt like I could do anything, and all my troubles seemed to just disappear. 

"Louise!" A voice called out from the end of the bridge, I ignored them, whoever it was could wait. It sounded like a boy, probably someone from Pates wanting to copy some homework or something, "Louise!" the voice called out again, this time, it sounded more urgent. I felt footsteps walking towards me, but I still didn't turn to see who it was. The voice was familiar, it reminded me of a certain boy with platinum blonde hair. 

Without noticing, my head turned to look to see who it was, and my thoughts were right, it was Draco. His hair was messed up, not slicked back like it usually was, his fringe covered his forehead and he had circles under his eyes. He looked worn out, and upset. I noticed that he didn't come closer to me, he just stood there, not saying anything, until I finally plucked up the courage to speak.

"Why are you here?" I asked him, turning away and looking back out to the mountains, trying to act like I wasn't bothered he was there, "Did you follow me?"

Draco approached the barrier which I was leaning on, and looked out at the view, ignoring my questions, he said, "Beautiful. Isn't it?"

I bit my lip and nodded, trying to stop myself from crying, I couldn't cry in front of Draco. He cried in front of me yesterday, but that was for a reason, I didn't even have a reason, I just wanted to cry.

Draco turned his head to look at me, and he opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but no words came out. In a way, the silence did all the talking, I could tell he felt bad about what happened yesterday, but his words had hurt me so badly, I wasn't sure if I could forgive and forget just yet.

"Look, Louise..." Draco finally said, my hand was still resting on the barrier, and he put his over it. At first, I flinched at his touch, but his hand was warm, and mine were cold, I let my hand stay there, "I'm...I'm so sorry."

For the first time since yesterday, I turned my head and looked him in the eyes, he didn't look like the same boy who said all those horrible things to me yesterday, he looked like the boy who had told me he had fallen for me. The wind was getting stronger now, and my robes were billowing out behind me. I tried not to show that I was cold, I didn't want Draco getting any ideas.

I turn away from Draco for a moment, and I feel him move closer to me. His hand goes up to my wavy hair, which was completely askew because of the wind, he tucks it behind my ear. I notice that I no longer flinch at his touch, it's almost as if I trust him. I look up at him, and for a moment, our eyes meet, and those familiar grey eyes look back at me, shining, making me feel weak at the knees. He moves his head even closer to mine, our noses nearly touching. I can tell what he's going to do. 

In a moment of panic, I suddenly pull away, tearing my gaze away from him, "I'm...I'm sorry. I can't." I stammer, running back the way I had come, not bothering to pick up my books. I was scared, I was scared of getting hurt, I was scared of being in love, and I was scared of the other side of Draco.

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