Wizarding Week

Louise has always dreamt of going somewhere completely new, and when her school organises an exchange with a mysterious school called Hogwarts, it's her perfect moment. Louise doesn't realise the magic behind the doors of Hogwarts, and maybe, just maybe, she might even fit in with the people there more.


19. Confrontation.

I wasn't in the hospital wing long, in fact, I got let out the next day. Draco had to stay in longer than me, and he'd ordered for the curtains to be shut around his bed at all times, so he wouldn't have to see my 'ugly muggle face'. For once, his change in character didn't bother me, because I actually knew this time that the real Draco was still trapped inside him. Hermione came to collect me from the hospital wing, she had a worried look on her face as she rushed to my bed. 

She shook her head at me, a cross expression on her face, "I still can't believe you went in the forest Louise. It was never a good idea." She sat down on my bed, folding her arms, "In first year, Harry went into that forest and was nearly killed by You Know Who! Thank goodness someone was there to save him, Draco was with him actually. Though obviously he ran way, leaving Harry." She jerked her head towards the curtains to where Draco's bed was and glared.

"Wait-" I sat upright, my eyes widening slightly, "Who's You Know Who?" I obviously said this too loudly because Hermione put a finger to her lips and looked around nervously.

"Lord Voldemort." She whispered, "It is forbidden to speak his name around here, when Harry was little, You Know Who tried to kill him, that's who killed Harry's parents." She looked very pleased to have told me this information, then again, Hermione was always happy when she had got something right.

"I can hear you, Granger!" a cold voice snapped from behind the curtain, I recognised the voice immediately, Draco.

Hermione went very red, her bushy hair springing up at every angle, she stomped over towards the curtain, "I don't care, Malfoy. It's your good-for-nothing parents that work for You Know Who anyway, and that's nothing to be proud of." She reached the curtain and pulled it back, her face nearly the colour of a beetroot. 

It wasn't just Draco behind the curtain, it was his father too, Hermione took two steps back, her hand clasped over her mouth. I sat there, stunned, unable to say anything because of the shock.

"How lovely to see you too, Miss Granger." Lucius Malfoy's lips turned into a cruel smile, "I'm not sure how much business you have saying what myself, and Mrs Malfoy do for a living, what do you think, Miss Granger?"

Draco sat behind him on the bed with a smug smile spread across his face, although I loved the guy, at this moment, I wanted to punch him again.

"Hello Mr Malfoy, how nice to see you again." I cut into the conversation, everyone looked at me, horrified, even Lucius himself looked shocked.

Draco looked disgusted, "You know this disgusting muggle?"

"Yes," Mr Malfoy smiled, "I do, Dumbledore introduced me to all the exchange students when they got here, as I am a governor."

I was so tempted to tell Draco the truth, then and there, but it was my word against his father's, I was bound to lose. Instead, I got up off my bed, grabbed Hermione by the arm, and marched out of the hospital wing. Hermione was still red in the face and looked very angry indeed, I stopped on the moving staircase, Hermione stopped too, I thought she was going to blow up.

I took a deep breath, Hermione was going to go ballistic at what I was going to say next, "I have a plan."

She folded her arms, the frown still covering her face, "Louise, I don't mean this in an offensive way, but your plans are awfully similar to Harry and Ron's, they seem to break the school rules quite a lot."

At this point, Ron came thumping down the steps, munching on some cake, I was very glad to see him as I thought maybe he'd calm Hermione down a bit, but it didn't work.

"There you are Ronald! You were meant to come and collect Louise with me! Where have you been?" She snapped at him.

Ron looked down at his cake, and then at Hermione, and then back to his cake, "I was hungry..." he mumbled.

"Do you ever stop eating Ron?" When Ron shook his head, Hermione sighed and looked back to me, "What's this plan then?"

"Well, I reckon the only way we can get Draco's memory back, is to do a deal with...You Know Who..." I whispered the last bit, Ron's eyes widened and the bit of cake he was holding in his hand dropped to the floor, landing on Hermione's foot.

"RON!" She shouted, and then she looked back to me, her eyes blazing, "Louise are you mad?! Are you asking to get yourself killed? That is the most stupid plan I have ever heard, if you want to go to a powerful wizard, go to Dumbledore, not the most evil wizard of all time!"

I looked down at my feet, embarrassed, "Oh yeah," I mumbled, "I hadn't thought of that."


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