My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


4. We have proublems..

So if your woundering how long Chaz and I have been dating, we have been dating for  8 weeks. I hardly see him. he 'says' he is busy so I hang out with Ryan.

R:  Taaaaylor!

T: Ry!

R: Whats up?

T: Not much, I have a question and I want you to be honest with me.

R: Ok?

T: Do you know where Chaz has been for the past 8 weeks?

R: yea, he told me he went to visit Justin in Atlanta but not to tell you. But you have been so down, and  cant stand to see you this down. So Yea, hes with Justin. I don't know when he is coming back.

T: Thanks Ry. So whatcha wanna do, Butler?

R: Uhm wanna play COD?

T: your on!



Taylors POV:

We sat down and were playing COD when Ryans phone went off, I paused the game. he was white as a ghost. he told me to be quite and he was gonna call Justin.


Ryans POV:

Taylor and I were playing COD just having fun when I got a text from Justin saying chaz was cheating on taylor and that he really didn't love her. and that's why he came there was to get away from her. He asked if I was alone I said yea that I was gonna call him. so I told taylor to be quiet cause she need to hear this herself. I called Justin.




J: Hey man.

R: man bro' you sound pissed and your not even dating her.

Taylor looked at me confused.

J: You don't get it I am dating her. Chaz is sneaking around with Selena, fucking her, kissing her practically raping her. Selena tells me EVERYTHING. I talked to Chaz, he told me that the reason he came her was to get away from taylor, that he was just gonna use her for sex but she is just a good girl and wont give him her virginity so he came here to fuck girls and cheat n her. he never loved her. he knew she loved me, and he knew that I somewhat liked her as a girlfriend, but I never loved her like she loved me. I found love ryan. I found it with selena. but hes here raping the shit outta her. im sending him to jail I cant deal with him no more. you have to tell taylor. I would but she told me not to contact her or anything.

Ryan & Justins POV:

Right then we both heard sobbing.

Ryans POV: I looked over and saw Taylor bawling her eyes out. I felt so bad for her. I knew chaz would do this to her. I wanted to beat the shit outta him. She didn't deserve this. She is beautiful.

Justins POV: I knew that sobbing anywhere, it was... Taylor ...


T: Justin.... *my voice cracked* thank you for telling me, well telling Ryan. Im glad I was here and ryan put it on speaker. don't be mad at him. when his face went pale white I knew something was bad. Im glad I know the truth. thank you.

J: Uhm, ryan can you leave the room so I can talk to Taylor?

R: Uhm *I looked at Taylor and she she mouthed yes* yea, ill be back in a few.

T: Hi..

J: Hey, listen im sorry I didn't tell you to begin with. I should have. We still would have been best friends. I fuked up badly. I miss my best friend... Is there any way we can go back to being best friends again? Please Taylor? I miss you so much, its not even funny.




What will she say?

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