My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


17. The End.

10 years later...

Taylor and Justin have been together and going strong. Justin proposed to Taylor, and they got married and had 3 kids. 2 girls and 1 boy.


Lauren Bieber - 3 years old. Looks like Taylor.

Brittney Bieber - 3 years old. Looks like Taylor.

Jason Bieber - 1 year old. Looks ALOT like Justin.


Lauren & Brittney are twins.


They live in Atlanta.


The end...




Sorry if it sucks. It was my first Movella...



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