My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


2. On The Plane.

Justins POV:

My alarm went off, I woke up hoping it was all a dream. It wasn't. Damn. I lost her. I lost my best friend... I got ready, toke mine & my moms stuff down and ate breakfast.


P: morning sweetie, sleep well?

J: no, I was hoping it was a dream.

P: im sorry sweet heart. *hugs him*

J: I miss her mom. I miss my best friend...

P: Justin, give her time.

J: Ok...


Justins POV:

We got into the limo Scooter arranged for us and were off to the airport to get on the airplane. I was hoping that she would come to say goodbye..


Your POV:

I woke up at 3;35 am. Justin was leaving today. I was gonna go to the airport to say goodbye to Pattie, she was like a second mom to me. I texted her and told her to meet me at the Starbucks in the airport. I got there and saw her. I ran up to her giving her a hug.


P: Hey sweetie, how you feeling?

Y: Ok I guess. Broken hearted. But ok. Im gonna miss you so much Pattie!

P: im gonna miss you to.


*Patties phone rings*

P: Hello? Yes Justin? Ill be right there. Just wait for me. Im at Starbucks I came to get a coffee. No don't come the plane may leave. Im coming now, bye. love you. *hangs up.... So she thought* Hey sweetie, I gotta go. call me anytime you need to talk to me, ok?

Y: ok, thanks pattie. love you

P: love you too.. I better buy a coffee so Justin actually thinks I came to buy a coffee. haha.

Y: yea. you should, and I should go before he sees me.

P: well you better run, cause here he comes.

Y: what?

P: run, hes coming.

Y: *Turns around and see him coming* bye pattie  *runs out and hides*

J: mom why didn't you tell me you were with her?!?!

P: What do you mean? I came for a coffee.

J: you didn't hang your phone up,  mom.

Y: *Shit. gets up quietly and runs*

P: *sees you and just talks to Justin till you are out*  im sorry, she didn't wanna talk to you. you hurt her.

J: *sighs* I know..

P: we better go. The plane is bound to leave soon.

Patties POV:

Justin and I got on the plane. I was a few seats behind him. We had separate seats. I keep seeing him flirting with girls in there 20's and all I could think about was... if only you knew how she really felt about you Justin, if only you knew. then my phone rang..


P: Hello?

Y: Hey

P: Oh hey sweetie!


Justins POV:

I was flirting with these hot 20 year olds and then my moms phone went off. I heard her say hello then say oh hey sweetie! she only called me and my bestfriend that... I started to evesdrop.


Y: so where are you at?

P: on the plane.

Y: oh, are you and him sitting together?

P: no. hes flirting with 20 year olds.


Justins POV: I heard my moms voice get real low proubably so I couldn't hear but I heard anyway.. why would she care that I flirted with other girls?


Y: *starts to cry* w-why cant he notice that I love, I mean loved him...

P: sweetie don't cry, he is blind to see that you don't love him. I mean, Chaz is a great guy but if he doesn't notice then he is blind.


Your POV:

we used Chaz, my other bestfriend and Justins as a code name for Justin, the guy I had a crush on. Chaz knew just incase Justin asked..


Y: *laughs* yea " Chaz" Chaz is cute. maybe I could move on to him...

P: you know how he is, you know he cheats on girls, you know how Christian is.


Your POV:

yea Christian also knew we used him as well. it was funny cause he was younger. he didn't care cause he was a player. although  he did have a crush on me.


Y: Yea.

P: *looks up and sees Justin coming and he sits down by her* hey sweetie I gotta go. love you, oh and go talk to Chaz!

Y: justins there, isn't he?

P: yup.

Y: just came?

P: mhm

Y: *sighs* ok, maybe I will see if Chaz wants to hang out. Ill text you and let you know how everything goes. love you pattie!

P: love you to sweetie!


And then we hung up.


J: mom, was that her?

P: *sighs* yes.

J: she likes Chaz?

P: Yes.

J: I don't believe it. she would have told me. he would have told me.


Justins POV:

I was so pissed that my mom, chaz or that my BESTFRIEND didn't tell me she liked chaz. I got out my phone went to my seat and called chaz.


C: hey dude.

J: don't hey dude me.

C: whoa. whats wrong?

J: why didn't you tell me that my EX BEST FRIEND liked you?


Chazs POV:

whoa she actually liked me? I thought we just made a promise for her to use my name as a code.. Just then my phone beeped. I looked at the caller ID and it was her.


C: hang on, I got another call.

Chazs POV: I switched it over and heard her voice.


Y: Hey chaz.

C: Hey, how come I never knew you actually liked me liked me?

Y: uhm. uhm. howd you know?

C: Justin told me.

Y: WHAT how does he know? OMG he heard me talking to Pattie! That son of a bitch! Evesdropping.

C: whoa whoa chill.

Y: sorry, but yea. I do like like you. thts why I was calling to see if you wanted to hang out tonight.

C: sure thing, beautiful.

Y: stop it, your making me blush.

C: aw. So what time should I pick you up?

Y: uhm say 6?

C: ok, see you then.

Y: Yup. Bye, Chaz.

C: Bye.


We hung up and I switched it back over to Justin.


J: who was it?

C: uh uh uh...

J: uh, who?

C: lets just say, I got a date.


Justins POV:

right then I heard my moms phone go off and then her scream and she said " CHAZ SAID YES TO GOING OUT WITH YOU, I TLD YOU HE WOULD SWEETIE!" then said ' opps sorry know Justin knows about your date with Chaz." then she said " wait so Justin was evesdropping the whole time?" oh god, im in  aheap load of shit... I went bak to talking with Chaz.


J: so you got a date... with who?

C: I think you already know. Iheard your mom yell. *chuckles*

J: yea just don't fucking hurt her. I love her.


then I froze. I just said I loved my best friend. did I mean it like that? I couldn't have, could I?


C: I wont. promise. shes to beautiful. plus shes already had her heart broken, id hate to see it happen again.


when he said that, I froze again. she had her heart broken, but didn't tell me? she was in love and didn't tell me?


J: who broke her heart?

C: *sighs* man, youll find out in the long run.



I was extremely pissed. I wanted to know.


C: hey, calm down. I gotta get ready for my date. bye


and wiitih that, he hung up and the plane pilot said we would be landing in 5 minutes. I put my seatbelt on and relaxed. maybe this move was for the best. maybe it was gonna be good to start over.


We landed in Atlanta... Finally.

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