My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


11. Mom I swear I saw her!

Justins POV:

I was standing in my moms room in my boxer briefs waiting for the bathtub to fill up when the closet opened. I turned around and saw Taylor. she booked it out and I stood there speechless. My bestfriend just saw me in my boxers... At least I think unless I just am seeing things. I toke a quick bath, got out and put on sweat pants and no shirt. and went to find my mom, when I did she was on her phone. she has been on it since I got back...


Patties POV:

Taylor texted me and told me Justin saw her. I guess im gonna have to lie to Justin. I was walking in the hall, I was near the guest bedroom where Taylor was when Justin stopped me. This should be perfect. she gets to hear the conversation.


J: MOM! I swear I just saw Taylor!

P: Justin sweetie, you are proubably just losing it. You have had a long day, why don't you go to bed?

J: MOM! I swear I did, she saw me in my boxer briefs and booked it out of your room. I stood there speechless. Mom, I have a confession to make to you...


Taylor POV:

Pattie and Justin were talking outside my door. I heard Justin say he had a confession so I tiptoed over and put my ear against it so I could hear better.


P: And what is it, sweetie?

J: Mom. I - I.... I think im in love with this girl.


Taylors POV:

When he said that, it broke my heart, but I stayed and listened.


P: Well who is she?

J: Well, she has brown hair, gorgeous hazelnut eyes, kissable lips, shes average size not to skinny. shes just, so damn perfect. she doesn't realize that I love her. and I fuck up all the time. today I was in starbucks mom... and I kinda by accident called her a slut... *looks down and cries*



Taylors POV:

There is no way he is talking about me, all those things he said is true, but the size thing is not. im not skinny at all. Everybody says I am, but I think im fat. so I know im not here. And is Justin crying? I couldn't help but to let a tear fall. I know its not me I slid down the door quietly and continued to listen.


P: Sweetie, look at me, whats her name?

J: We have been best friends forever... He name is taylor...

P: Does she know you didn't mean to call her a slut?

J: no. she told me she shouldn't have gave me a secondchance at being her friend again and walked out with ryan then she ran off crying. then that's when those girls came in and I had to hide.

P: did ryan say anything to you?

J: Just that Taylor broke up with him because he said she was being really mean and told them girls where I was, and that he choose my side. So she broke up and ran off.

P: Honey, theres more to that story, and you need to tell Taylor what YOU did when her and Ryan left. you need to tell her. But not now, go to bed.. *kisses his head* goodnight sweetie.

J: Night mom.


Justins POV:

I went to my bedroom and layed in bed. I toke off my sweatpants and layed in bed in my boxerbriefs. I couldn't stop thinking about Taylor. I had to tell her what happened. That  I was in love with her the whole time but was scared..

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