My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


10. Im sorry...

Patties POV:

I haven't talked to Taylor since she visited and I felt bad, I was like her second mom. So I wanted to see how she was. So I called her. And she answered on the 3rd ring, it sounded like she was crying...


T: Hi, Pattie.

P: Hi sweetie, whats wrong?

T: What do you mean? Everythings... *sniffs* fine.

P: No its not, you were crying. Come over. Justin isn't home.

T: I know he isn't...

P: So will you come over and talk?

T: Sure. I will see you in 5.


Taylors POV:

And with that I hung up and went to Justins house. I looked like shit but I didn't care. He caused HALF of this, and so did Ryan. I go to his house and just walked in. Pattie was sitting on the couch so I sat near her and we started talking.


P: Sweetie whats wrong? you look a mess.

T: Gee thanks, It couldn't be because your son called me a slut because I said id date Ryan. Then when we left 50 girls were looking for him so I told them where he was then Ryan toke his side so I broke up with him. So most of this is YOUR sons fault and the worst part is... *looks down* I still love Justin...

P: Sweetie, im sorry abour what Justin said. he hasn't been himself since you left. He, He.. I shouldn't really tell you. I should let him be the one to tell you. Did you cut yourself any?

T: *looks up at her* Uhm... *Hides her arm* no...

P: *Takes her arm and sees the 4 big cuts that are bleeding a little* Taylor, you can die from this.. Is that what you want?


Taylors POV:

Maybe that is what I wanted. Nobody cared for me, nobody loved me. The only person who did love me and care for me was Pattie.

T: Maybe... Nobody loves or cares about me Pattie. Your the only person who does. My mom is never home. Justin doesn't give 2 shits about me. Ryan doesn't even love me. And chaz cheated on me with that slut, Selena. I have nobody, only you.

P: Sweetie, I don't want you to die. I know deep down Justin loves you, he just don't want to admit it. Because he doesn't want to lose your friendship you guys have.

Taylors POV:

I was about to speak when patties phone rang.

P: Hello?

J: Hi mom.

P: Where are you?

J: Starbucks bathroom, theres about 50 girls out there... I don't know how they found me. they must be tourists.

P: *chuckles* *mumbles* I know how they found you...

J: what did you say mom?

P: Oh nothing sweetie, ill send Kenny over. and then come straight home.

J: Ok, hes already here. ill be home in like 3 minutes since he drove.

P: *mumbles* shit..

J: why are you mumbling?

P: I gotta go, by love you.

J: but mom whos ther-....



P: Taylor, Justin is gonna be here like *hears a car door* NOW!

T: SHIT! im gonna hide in your bedroom closet. *runs upstairs and turns phone volume down*

P: *chuckles* that girl, I swear.

J: what girl mom?

P: *jumps* oh, on the tv.

J: tv is off?

P: because I turned it off...

J: ok? imam take a shower in your room, the water is hotter in there. see ya. *runs off*


Patties POV:

I texted Taylor and told her to keep quiet and that I would let her know when it was safe for her to come out. I heard the water running and told her to go into the guest room and stay there that I would bring her food and she could leave in the morning since Justin goes to the studio.


Taylors POV:

Ok, the water started so I got up quietly and started to walk out and saw a shirtless Justin in just his boxers in his moms room. So I booked it for the guest room.


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