My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


8. Home Sweet Home.

Taylors POV:

I have been home for 3 days, Ryan always calls to check up on me. Today is the 5th day I have been home and I haven't heard from Ryan or Pattie. So I figured he was busy hanging out with him. So I went to take a shower and get ready for the day. After my shower  I put on skinny jeans, my t-shit, my socks and my converse shoes. I curled my hair and put on just a bit of make-up, finished getting ready and grabbed my phone and walked down the stairs. I was heading to the door when I heard the doorbell ring. So I opened it.


T: RY! What are you doing back here, you aren't supposed to be back for 3 more days!

R: I know, but it got boring without my 'girlfriend' there. And plus I didn't even get to hang out with my bestfriend. Everytime we tried the tramp walked in and made out with him. So I left,


Taylors POV:

When ry put my 'girlfriend' in quotation marks I knew we weren't really together and that he didn't really love me that it was all a act for when we went to visit them. But I did love Ry. But did I want him to know that? Proub not cause he is all I have left. So I just acted excited and didn't act sad when he put 'girlfriend' in quotation marks.


Ryans POV:

Seeing Taylor again put a smile on my face. And I really did want to date her. but I don't think she wanted to date me, cause I could see it in her eyes. she still had feelings for Justin, even if she didn't want to admit, she loved him.


T: Awe Ry, im so sorry.

R: Its ok. So whatcha wanna do?

T: Uhm, I was just about to go to Starbucks, wanna come?

R: Sure!


Justins POV:

I woke up. Today I had planned on hanging out with Ryan, ever since he got here Selena has been al over me so I couldn't hang with him. And I cant control myself when it comes to her. I got out of bed to realize I was naked. shit... I got into boxers and got a shower and got dressed and went onto my moms bus.


P: Hey sweetie!

J: Hey mom, wheres Ryan?

P: Oh sweetie he left 2 days ago.

J: WHAAT? and he didn't tell me?

P: Justin calm down. He told me you were always having sex with Selena so you wouldn't even care, and by the looks of it, you didn't even care till now cause Selena isn't around.

J: .... whatever, where are we?

P: Canada, you have a couple shows here.

J: Ok..


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