My Bestfriends Girlfriend.

This is a story about Justin and you. You guys have been best friends since you guys were little. But he becomes famous and gets a girlfriend. You have always had a crush on him but never told him. What happens when she comes around? Will your friendship stay? Who is his girlfriend? Read to find out... (by the way, this is my first story...)


3. Atlanta.

(Even though the girl is you, im gonna name her. Her name is gonna be Taylor. But Taylor Is still gonna be you.)

Back to the STORY! (:



Justins POV:

We landed in Atlanta, and Scooter met up with my mom & I at the airport. We got in the limo and headed to the house we had bought while we were here last time. Scooter was talking to my mom about something, and I heard my mom said that on our way here I was down because I lost my bestfriend so I haven't been myself.


J: Mom, I have forgotten about her. I told myself this is a new start for myself and it was proubably a good thing to move here since she had feelings for Chaz cause she will proubably be all over him now. So just stop talking about her, please.

P: Ok, sorry.

SB: So, here we are, all your furniture is moved in, all you gotta do is unpack your clothes and your settled. We will meet at the studio tomorrow for a meeting. So come there around 12:30 pm. Ok?

J: Ok, I'll be there. See you then. *gives him a bro hug*

Scooter left..


Justins POV:

I went up to my room, and I have to admit, this room is fucking amazing! My walls are painted purple, the carpet is soft, I have the BIGGEST bed like EVER, a balcony, I have a flat screen tv, a xbox, a wii, dvd player, a desk to put my laptop and stuff on, 2 white & 2 purple bean bag chairs, a couch to lounge on, a walk in closet, a built in bathroom, the bathroom has a shower that is all glass, a bathtub that is a Jacuzzi. This is just awesome, PERIOD. I cant wait to see the rest of the house. So I unpacked everything. And walked through the house, I found out we have a inside pool that has a waterslide, a basketball court outside, a movie theatre, a pool table, the kitchen is pretty big, the living room is huge, we have 5 guest bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, my moms room has a walk in closet, a big bed, a walk in bathroom, a flat screen tv, a balcony, a chair, a desk. The garage is huge cause we have 6 cars, I have 3 and my mom has 3.

After I was done I got something to eat, got a shower got dressed for bed, and went out on the balcony. It was 9 pm. I heard my mom on the phone so I bent down quietly.


Patties POV:

After I was done with everything I got a shower, got dressed for bed and put my house coat on and went on the balcony since it was a beautiful night. I had decided to call Taylor to see how her date had went.


T: Hey pattie!

P: Hey Taylor, how are you sweetie?

T: great! Wounderful! you?

P: haha, sounds like your over * looks around and doesn't see Justin, so she thinks * Justin. So how was the date with Chaz?

T: Yea, im over Justin. And the date with Chaz was wounderful! He is such a sweet and romantic guy, we went to the Olive Garden, he held the door open for me, pulled my chair out, and I insisted on paying cause I don't like when people pay for me. And he said  ' Nope, not tonight. everythings on me, beautiful. whenever your with me, you don't have t pay for anything. '

P: Awe he really said that? And im glad your over him, he isn't worth your tears or heartbreak.

T: Yea. And yea Chaz really said that. I think he fixed my broken heart. after we toke a walk in the park holding hands and talked then when he toke me home he walked me to my door and asked me to be his girlfriend, I said 'I don't know chaz' he looked so broken. and was walking away and I ran up to him and jumped on his back and said ' I was just kidding! I would love to be your girlfriend! ' and jumped off his back and he picked me up and kissed me!

P: Awe my little girl is growing up, you got a boyfriend and you got your first kiss! I think im gonna cry.

T: haha. *hears something* hold on a minute

P: ok

Taylors POV:

I heard something being thrown at my window so I opened it and chaz was down there and I motioned for him to come up. he climbed up and I said to be quiet and I put pattie on speaker.

T: pattie your on speaker.

P: why?

T: Say Hello

C: hi pattie.

P: CHAAAZ! I heard my little boy is grown up and got his first kiss!

C: *blushes* yeeeea.

T: awe pattie you made him blush!

P: haha, *hears something and looks around*

Justins POV:
SHIT I hit something, I hope she didn't hear it. nope ok.

P: *whispers so Justin wont hear* hey guys hold on a minute

T&C: ok

Patties POV:

I SWEAR if my son was evesdropping again it wont even be funny. I walked through my room and quietly through his room and onto his balcony and saw him bent down. UGH JUSTIN!

P: JUSTIN YOU WERE EVESDROPPING AGAIN! you thought you weren't gonna get caught?

J: *jumps* holy shit mom you scared the shit outta me! *realizes she is still on the phone* who are you on the phone with *tries to at dumb*

P: don't act dumb, you know who I am talking to. so that means you heard me say that she WAS in love with you but isn't anymore and that she is taken and had her first kiss with chaz and he fixed her broken heart that YOU broke.

C: is that true Taylor? I was your first kiss & boyfriend? And  I fixed your broken heart that Justin broke?

T: *looks at him* yes you did Chaz. And And... I l-love you... *looks down*

C: I love you too, Taylor *lifts her chin up and kisses her*

T: *kisses back*

P: awe you guuys are so cute!

T&C: *giggle* thanks pattie

J: *groans* mom leave, I wanna be alone. *pushes her out and lockes the door* *screams* WHY ME? I FUCKED UP SO BAD!

Taylors POV:

I heard what Justin had screamed. what did he mean he had fucked up? he didn't love me. as a best friend? yea, as a girlfriend? no...


P: Hey guys, im gona go. We have to be at the studio early and im tired.

T&C: ok, bye pattie love you!

P: love you too! bye.

And with that we hung up.

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