This is a shorts story about how Taemin don't want to be seen as a cute guy, but as a man.


1. Taeman

Place: The SHINee Doom.


Point of view: Lee Taemin.


Finally off, and home again... I turn on my computer to see what's new on Thumblr.

The first thing I see is a post of me...


I don't get that all the fans think that I'm cute! I'm not cute anymore! I'm not the young boy who I used to be, I'm a man! Get it, A MAN! I know that fans don't care about that fact that we all grow older, but I'm not a kid anymore....

That's what I'm thinking when Key umma comes in.

“What is wrong Taem?” He ask, nagging as always.

“Just the fact that all our fans still thinks I'm a cute little boy -.-'” I tell him and sign...

“You are cute, and that is your charm. No girl can say no to you because of your cute face.” Key said and smiled, but that just made me more angry.

“Yes, Right! That is great! Just perfect! Thank you Key! I don't like to be cute! It is annoying! It pisses me off! Why cant anyone get that I'm trying to move on from the cute kid I was, to a, hopefully, great man I could become?!?!!!”

“Hey, why are you yelling?” Minho interrupted us.

“I can't stand the fact that the fans still see me as a child! It freaking kills me! That is what I'm trying to tell Kibum, but he don't listen!!! He never does!! No one ever listens to me! I'm just the cute and kind kid! Always playing by the rules! But I'm a human and not just a machine! I have feelings to! I know I don't seem to be the type who will ever get mad ore explode like this! But HEY!!! Just another prove that I'm human!!! I...”

And I didn’t get any further, because Key umma and Minho shi now hugged me tight.


I didn't notice the tears before I was in there arms but now I just gave in and cried.

Cried like a big baby. Tears streaming down my face in an never ending float...

“It is okay Taemin. We know how difficult this life is, but you got to remember that we are here for you. You're never alone in this. If you ever need anyone to talk to we will always bee there. That's what family do. They are there for each other in the bad times and the good times. That is the most important thing.” Key said and let me cry, while Minho said

“We all have the same problems, everyone see me as the sports guy, and Key as the almost gay girl dancing guy, Jonghyun as the sexy but stupid guy and Onew as the most clumsy guy in the world. But you know we are more that that, and that is what matters the most. That we know who we are and what we can do. Fans will always support us if they believe in us, but you have to believe in your self. That is the best advice I have.”


The end...  

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