When The Heart Breaks


1. This is for you<3

Sometimes I look up in the sky,

Hoping I’ll see your face tonight,

I miss you so much,

I can’t help but cry all night.


I caused this wreckage,

I made your heart break.

The guilt is killing me inside,

I’m slowly dying, but all I do is smile.


I want you to forget everything about me,

Move on, hate me.

‘Cause all I did was break your heart

You really did love me but I tore you apart.


My heart paced when I saw you first,

Your pretty face made me fall in love,

Your chocolate eyes and your messed up hair,

 I couldn’t help but smile and stare.


They say love at first sight always lasts forever,

But it didn’t when it came to us.

I loved and cherished every moment we had together,

We didn’t feel the rush.


Distance matters, so does time,

Our loved died down,

And I felt you were no longer mine.


While the tears stream down my face,

I still want you to be happy,

You said it was your fault,

But deep down I know it was all me.


Don’t ask for forgiveness,

Know that I care,

If you ever need me,

I will always be there.


So goodbye to our special love,

A love which no one can ever have,

You’ll find someone else,

Someone better than me, better than all I have ever been.


But I wish I knew why I had to lose you,

When it’s all said and done.

How can I be losing you forever?

Can I make it undone?


Give me forgiveness,

Although I know you already did.

I love you my sweetheart,

Know that I always will.


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