Fallen Gods

The ancient civilization of man from the Aztecs to the Romans, The Celts to the Ancient Egyptians...They had one thing in common...They believed in the Divine Pantheon. Under many guises the Pantheon was always there. The Pantheon comprised of all the ancient gods, many familiar faces throughout the many religions, but that was how they stayed safe never being explored or investigated into for they were spread apart and never found in large numbers in one religion. They preferred it that way, but as the ancient civilizations of man died out, The Pantheon grew weaker and eventually fell.Under a new rule, a new god, The One God. Earth continues to thrive, this god is known by many names,many faces. But the Divine Pantheon are rising, Their powers held safe by their ancestors...the ancestors that know nothing about them,a secret that should never be told...but as their powers grow will they all survive and reform the pantheon?


2. Charlotte Totec : Aztec Ancestor of Rebirth

"Mum!"a voice came from upstairs"Mum!"

"what darling i'm busy!" came the reply,

"bring my drink up!" came the nagging voice from above"

 Charlotte's mum sighed "one sec sweetie pie" She went ton the tap and poured Charlotte a drink , just then she heard a knock at the door, "coming!" she called rushing to get the door and spilling the water down her dress. As she opened the door she was surprised to see her neighbor Penny  looking quite distraught. 

"what,what's wrong Penny?" she said ushering the old frail woman inside, she offered penny a seat and rushed off to make Charlotte another drink. She then sat down next to Penny and began talking.

As Penny left Charlotte  came down the stairs to see her mum sitting on the sofa crying like she had never cried before.

"what's wrong mum?" 

"Your Dad, He's, the police, they,they... they came when we were out and told P...Penny. That...Oh Charlotte he's dead!"


The following day Charlotte and her mum went to see the body and do a final identification, and say their goodbyes. Charlotte and her mum asked for some time alone and the room was left empty just them and her father. Charlotte approached her father crying without end as the tears rolled off her cheek they landed on the face of her father and suddenly he was coughing and spluttering trying to breathe! Charlotte was stunned but her mother jumped back and screamed out for help people flooded into the room to see the commotion before them as a man who was thought dead sat up, as right as rain with nothing more than a few scratches and a bad cough! 

Doctors are not usually wrong, but  they must have been, thought Charlotte.This was no Fairy tale people don't just spring back to life with a touch or a kiss. It is not like Charlotte was a fairy who could wave her magic wand and everyone was OK...something happened today and she had to find out what...  

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