Melanie Anne Wright. She was the perfect daughter. She was beautiful , kind and caring. She was everything a girl wanted to be. She was what every boy wanted. But now she's gone. She's dead.


3. Stalking

I stayed beside the tree near the signing. There was something interesting about 'Zayn'. There was something I wanted to find out but I don't know what. I watched him signing , taking pictures with the girls and I watched him glance at me from time to time. When the signing finished they went into a bus. A tour bus , I'm guessing. I followed them. They were sat in a room that had lots of comfy chairs. "Guys , you really didn't see that girl beside the tree? The one with the striped shirt and white skirt?" 'Zayn' asked the boys. The four boys shook their heads. "But she was right there!" he exclaimed "There was nothing there Zayn. You're seeing things , mate." said a boy with brown hair swept to the side. "I told you already! I'm not seeing things! Why won't you believe me?!" Zayn yelled. He mumbled something. Then , his eyes made their way to face me. I stiffened. "How'd she get on the bus?" he asked , pointing at me. "Who?" the four boys said in unison as they turned to face me. "Her. The girl at the signing." Zayn said. The boy with curly hair stood up and went towards me. He started waving his hands to where I was. "Nothing here Zayn." he said , chuckling a little. "You're waving in front of her fucking face! Damn it!" Zayn yelled. Zayn walked towards me and attempted to grab my hand. I pulled my hand away , knowing that I wouldn't be able to touch him. He tried again. Somehow , I felt a little bit. I felt his hand. Just a tad. It was a bit warm. Zayn tried again but my hand just went through his. He looked at me confused. "Come with me." he whispered. I did. I followed him into a room. I couldn't identify what it was though. "I'm sorry about the boys. They can be mean to girls sometimes." he said. "It's okay." I said. "I'm not just seeing things right? You're real right?" he asked me. "um...yeah. I'm real." I said. "I should be going now." I said. "Wait. Can I know your name?" he asked. "Melanie." I said. "Okay. I'll bring you home if you want." he offered. "That won't be necessary." I said. In a blink of an eye , I vanished from sight.

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