Melanie Anne Wright. She was the perfect daughter. She was beautiful , kind and caring. She was everything a girl wanted to be. She was what every boy wanted. But now she's gone. She's dead.


4. Don't


"That won't be necessary." she said. "Oh , is someone going to pick you up?" I asked but then I realised she was gone.  "Melanie?" I called out. There was no response. I went out of the room and saw the boys still in the same position. "Did you see her come out?" I asked. "Zayn , there's no girl here. The only girls on the bus are Lux and her mum. There was no girl at the signing beside the tree. And the girl you described wasn't here. I think you should get some rest. You're probably just really tired." Liam said. "No, Li! She was there and she was here talking to me! Why can't you just listen to me?!" I practically yelled in his face. Liam was speechless. "Zayn , chill." Harry said. I said nothing. I stormed out of the bus and started walking towards a park. I always go to parks when things like this happen. I sat down on the swings and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I googled 'Melanie'. Then I realised that I only know her first name. Oh well. I clicked the first link. It led me to facebook. The account name was 'Melanie Anne Wright'. I looked through the photos and it was her. There were pictures of her with her friends. And there were pictures of her and her family. I smiled. She was beautiful. Then , I felt a cold air on my shoulder. I turned and I saw her. "You're on my facebook." she said , looking at the screen of my iPhone. I smiled and nodded. "Don't." she said then my phone went black. "What the?!" I exclaimed. "How'd you do that?" I said. She said nothing and she vanished before my very eyes. My eyes widened. I ran towards the tourbus. " Where'd you go? We were worried." Paul said. "I just went to the park." I said , trying to act calm but actually I was scared as hell.

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