Melanie Anne Wright. She was the perfect daughter. She was beautiful , kind and caring. She was everything a girl wanted to be. She was what every boy wanted. But now she's gone. She's dead.


2. Can You See Me?

I stood in the middle of the plaza , watching people come and go. They occasionally go right through me. It's weird to have people walk through you without them knowing your presence but I'm actually quite used to it. Hmm , it seems like there are more people than usual. Mostly girls. I wonder what's going on. I walked around and I noticed something new. There was a long table and some chairs that was surrounded by a very long queue of girls. I think some kind of celebrity is doing a signing or something like that. I guess I might as well check it out. I walk over to the huge crowd of girls surrounding the stage. Huh. The celebrity must be Justin Bieber or something. I walk past the line to see who the celebrity is. I saw that five boys were seated and signing things. One of the boys looked directly at me and smiled. I simply froze. Can he see me? Can that boy actually see me? No, that's impossible. He can't possibly see me. "C'mon , love." the boy said , gesturing for me to come closer. "Who are you talking to?" the boy beside him asked. "That girl over there." the boy said , pointing at me. "Zayn , there's no one there. It's just a tree." "She's right there Liam." 'Zayn' insisted , still pointing at me. "Niall , you can see her right?" 'Zayn' asked the blonde haired boy beside 'Liam'. "See who?" 'Niall' asked. "That girl over there standing beside the tree." 'Zayn' said , still pointing. "There is no one there , mate. You're seeing things." 'Niall' said. "I'm not seeing things! She's right there!" 'Zayn' shouted , standing up from his chair. "Zayn , calm down." the boy with curly hair said , pulling 'Zayn' back down. He stared at me one last time before looking back down to what he was signing.

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