What Makes Me Happy

Just a little poem I wrote about my happy place. I thought you guys would enjoy it too:)


1. My Happy Place

I close my eyes and feel the wind

Swirl close around my face. 

The sun is shining up above,

I feel its warm embrace. 


My bare feet glide upon the grass,

It's cool beneath my toes. 

I hear the soft, sweet trickling

Of the small stream as it flows. 


The birds are happily singing

In the branches up above. 

Their chirping sounds like laughter,

Ringing pure just like a dove. 


The butterflies are dancing.

They twirl and dip and spin,

Exuding joy and happiness. 

It fills me from within. 


The overwhelming peace and calm

Surrounds and holds me tight. 

My worries slowly disappear. 

I know I'll be all right. 

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