Star Cross Lovers

About a One Direction fan who loves Harry Styles. When she bumps into them they change her life forever.


2. Meeting the Idols

"OMG!!" I said giving Liam my Cd Case to sign.

"How are you love?" He asked smiling showing his perfect white teeth.

"G-Good How are you?" I asked smiling.

"Good. Here you go." He said giving it back. I handed it to Louis, Niall and Zayn. They all signed and then I finally came to Harry.

"Hi Harry." I said giving him my case.

"Hi love. What is your name?" He asked. I don't really like my name because it is really weird.

"Um Genea I know horrible name." I said looking into his Green eyes. He smiled and wrote something on the case and handed it back to me. 

"No, its a lovely name. Nice to meet you Genea." He said. I nodded and walked away. I looked on my case and there was a series of numbers. His Number. I gave a quiet squeal and jumped up and down.  

"Woah what is wrong?" someone who I thought was Miki.

"The Harry Freaking Styles gave me his number." i said turning around but it wasn't Miki it was Harry. I blushed and looked away while he was laughing.  

"You are cute when you blush." He said hugging me. He smelt so good.

"Thanks love I try my best." He said pulling away.

"Did I just say that out loud?" I asked him.

"Yep." He answered. "I gotta go but text me later k." While walking away. He waved and I waved back. Miki ran back to me pulling me to the car. 

"Get in now." she said looking angry.

"What is wrong." I asked conserned

"Just get in!" She yelled. I hopped in and she took a deep breath.

"What is wrong?" I asked again starting the car and driving out of the parking lot.

"My Ex was there." She said. We kept quiet the whole way to my place. Once we arrived at home mum and dad were standing outside.

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