Star Cross Lovers

About a One Direction fan who loves Harry Styles. When she bumps into them they change her life forever.


3. Dinner with Dads New Boss

"Honey we have some news." said dad. I walked over to them carrying my bags over with me.

"Yes." I said hoping it wasn't something like we are moving or having a baby.

"we are going out to dinner with my new boss." Said dad smiling happily.

"New?" I asked confused.

"Well I applied for a new job and I got it. Your mum bought you a few new dresses to choose. Mikayla can come too." He said. We both rushed inside to my room to see four new dresses on my bed. I jumped up and down because they were beautiful.  There was a blue and purple Faironly Crytals Mini Silk Chiffon Cocktail  Dress, a pink Faironly M3 Mini Short  Cocktail Dress and a blue Faironly XM3 Turquoise Mini Short Cocktail Dress. I grabbed the Blue Faironly Crystals Mini Silk Chiffon Cocktail Dress and Miki chose the purple one.

"We can be the same but different colours." Miki said. 

"Yeah now for shoes." I replied digging through my shoe box. I found the perfect shoes to go with the dresses. Miki purple Genea Blue

We applied the basic make-up and walked downstairs where my mum and dad were dressed and ready. We gave them a twirl and they clapped. 

'You both look beautiful." Said my mum. 

"Shall we go?" asked dad as he grabbed the keys and walked to the car. Once we were all inside we drove to the restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant a waiter showed us to our seats and to my surprise I saw One Direction and Simon Cowel sitting at the table. Harry stood up and pulled out two chairs next to him out for us.

"Darling this is Harry-" Mum started

"I know we've met at the mall." I said sitting down. "Thanks Harry." I said.

"My pleasure." He said. The night went so quickly. We had an amazing time learning about each other. 

"I guess I will be seeing you guys more." I said walking to my car with miki. 

"Yes you will because we are coming to live with you for a month. we arrive tomorrow." said Liam. I smiled and hopped in the  car.

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