Star Cross Lovers

About a One Direction fan who loves Harry Styles. When she bumps into them they change her life forever.


1. Beggining

"Harry Styles seems to fancy Jenifer Lawrence  Says the reporter on E news! Really Harry you need to take a break and be single so we can meet. I thought as I walked into the kitchen. "Morning Mum." I said to mum wile opening the fridge and getting the Orange Juice out. "Morning Honey." She said washing her plate up.

"What are you doing today?" I asked her after swallowing my drink.

"Work, work and more work. what are you doing today?" she replied.

"Um prob ask Miki to come shopping and go to the One Direction signing today." i said washing my plate up and grabbing my phone off the bench to text miki.

Hey Miki 

wanna come shopping 2day?

I ran upstairs to get changed for the day. I got changed into blue skinny jeans and a plain white tee with black converses. I put my hair up in a messy bun and applied the basic make-up. Eyeliner, mascara and foundation. I walked downstairs and I checked my phone and there was a message from Miki.

Hey Genea

Yes, I would love to. Pick me up in 10

I got into my car and drove to her house. She ran straight out and jumped in the car.

"In a rush are we?" I asked sarcastically.

"Ha ha very funny." She said "DRIVE!!!"  I drove to the mall and parked closest to the door.

"There is a One Direction signing today, wanna come?" I asked crossing my fingers hoping she would say yes.

"Yeah, ok well hurry up." She said pointing towards the mall door. We both hopped out and I locked the door. There was a poster on the door saying:

Hurry only 2 hours until the One Direction signing. Food Court. See you there!

We walked in and we went to many shops like; Holister, forever 21 and more.

We had 10 minutes left so we decided to head to the signing. There was like 10 people lined up so we were early. We hopped in line and after 20 minutes it was our turn.


 Sorry it is so short and the next chapter I will tell you about the characters.

Love you all. Let me know if you want to be in this story.

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