Past Fire

This is about a girl lost in the world of loss, pain love.


1. Let's Begin

It was a cold day when Layla got out of her black SUV. Clouds circled overhead. Jerry hoped out on the other side slightly bumping his bald little head. He hurried around the rear of the car to Layla and held out a maroon umbrella. Layla shook her head. "Just take it," said Jerry.

"I don't want it," Layla started. Jerry took out his hands out of his pockets and reached out to Layla, "No, no I don't want it!" She leaped away.

"Kayla hurry up!" said Layla's new stepdad said.

"Layla," Layla corrected him in a whisper. She slumped over to the park, past the fountain and through the bush. She pushed her long brown hair out of her eyes and looked up to see the gathering of adults in black. She turned on autopilot and walked toward the caskets. She fiddled with her nails, she hadn't applied new nail polish since the fire. She heard a preacher start to mumble and she lost focus and let her mind wander to her family trip to Lake Sacamue. Her sister, two brothers, mom, and dad all went.

"Leya!" Her stepdad punched her in her arm, "pay attention."
"Layla, like KAYla with an L," Layla corrected him.
"It doesn't matter. We're here for Paula, then we're gonna be leaving."
"What about my dad? Or my brothers? Or Mia?"
"Who the hell cares about them? Now shut up, I'm trying to morn."
"I care…" she whispers

"Now Layla, Paula and Frank's daughter would like to say a few words," said the preacher.
She approached the platform with the fear of crying. She tried to keep calm. She taped the mic. "Hi, I'm Layla. I know how you feel, about me, about my family. It's not as bad as you think. We were once a very happy. We were once a family. But now," her voice trailed off, "Well were all dead- except for me." Worried people in the crowd gave each other looks. "You pity me, you pity my family. But none of you have the right to judge us!"
"Layla.. stop this."
"No," she looked out at the crowd, the people here to 'morn' for my family. No one would understand her. "No, no one, no one understands what it is like to loose everyone who cares about you, thank you."
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