My Stupid Ex Best friend

Blurb Olive Rose and Nicholas Suarez were best friends. They were joint at the hip, the only thing that could have separated them was an worldly disasters. When Little Nicki turned ten his mother divorced his father and moved Nick to England, back to her parents house. Olive was crushed, her little ten year old heart was taken and squeezed and she was sad for months. Eight years go by and it's the start for Olive's senior year. She may not be the most popular girl in school, even though she's probably the prettiest, but she's loved by the people who count. What happens when Nicki comes back with an attitude change? Read and find out!


1. Disappearing act

I fluffed the little white dress my mommy gave me and ruffled my hair.

I took a breath and continued my ascend down the hallway, my little feet making floppy noises in the high heel shoes that were my mommy's.

I looked up and saw Nicki standing there with a big smile, and a reluctant brother of mine ready to recite the vows. 

Nicki and I are going to get married when we get bigger and stronger. I love him.

And he loves me.


"NO MOMMY! I WANT MY NICKI!" Little nine and a half year old me screamed. Squirming to get out of her grip.

Nicki was doing the same with his mother and as if we were the same person we bit our moms at the same time and ran to each other my short blonde hair flopping.

I hugged Nicholas tightly around the neck and he refused to let go of my waist.

I was sobbing into his shoulder not ever wanting to let go.

My Nicki was going away! Forever and ever!

Our mothers prying fingers separated us and my father took me and carried me a little steps back.

"NO LIVI!" Nick shouted.

"NICKI SAVE ME!" I screamed. He struggled against his mother but she had a tight hold on him.

She was determined not to let go. 

Nicki's two uncles helped his mother restrain the child and lock him tight. 

They packed into the car and my attempts to escape my fathers firm grasp became feeble. I hung my head crying reaching my fingers out.

I watched as the car turned on and disappeared, into the horizon. And off the car went with the boy who stole my little ten year old heart.

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