My Stupid Ex Best friend

Blurb Olive Rose and Nicholas Suarez were best friends. They were joint at the hip, the only thing that could have separated them was an worldly disasters. When Little Nicki turned ten his mother divorced his father and moved Nick to England, back to her parents house. Olive was crushed, her little ten year old heart was taken and squeezed and she was sad for months. Eight years go by and it's the start for Olive's senior year. She may not be the most popular girl in school, even though she's probably the prettiest, but she's loved by the people who count. What happens when Nicki comes back with an attitude change? Read and find out!


2. Birthday Cake

Eight years later 

I threw on my clothes and turned towards my stuffed unicorn.

"So Nina, how do I look?" I asked her. Do not judge me, they understand me I know they do. They're just not allowed to reveal themselves.

"Thanks girl, I knew you'd help me swell." I thanked her petting the top of her head.

I took my bag and walked out ready for my first day of senior year.

I had to look nice other wise, the day would be wasted. 

I threw on my neon green tank top and neon orange shorts that match my neon pink suspenders.

I let my crazy long curly hair out and it went all the way to my lower back.

I had on beaded bracelets and a Hawaiian necklace.
Got to represent.
I swear I have people living in my head and they talk to me! See, one of the people in my head said that!

I ran downstairs shouldering my teddy bear bag. I love this thing and if you have a problem then you can die.

Easy as that.

"Hi mama!" I greeted her kissing her lovely cheek. 

"Hey darling how was your sleep?" She asked.

"Peachy, where's daddy?" I asked looking under the table for him. "Did aliens come and zap him back to his home planet?" I asked her.

"That's not nice. I'm short but I'm not that short." My father said coming down the stairs. I giggled and rolled my eyes.

That is a total lie. He's a giant. My moms also a giant so they fit together.

Me on the other hand, just barely made it to 5"1. 

"You both are sky scrapers. Stop mocking me." I pouted. They laughed and my beautiful mother set down m&m waffles. 

"Mmm, thank you mommy." I said smothering the stack with whipped cream then picking up strawberries and blueberries and making a face.

I use some yummy French toast and made hair then I smothered my plate with chocolate syrup. 

There was a beep outside and I sighed disappointed. I guess I have to eat on the run.

I picked up my plate and ran out calling a good bye to my mom and dad.

I huffed because face it, I may be small but I am out of shape. 

"Hey wherra." My  stupid foreign  best friend greeted. I can't eat while driving because it makes me sick so I set my plate in my lap gently and turned to her sticking my tongue out.

Wherra means white girl in Spanish. 

"Shu'up and drive." I pouted. She laughed and floored it.

After HE left I was kinda sad for days and refused to come out of my room. School rolled along and I was forced to go. 

This new girl was in my class and she was getting made fun of because of her long thick hair bushy eye brows and not knowing English. 

She was Mexican. So I told them all to piss off and they did.

Hence me and said girl in the car right now. Her name is Yessi. 

"All I'm sayin Chica is, no one is as big of a wherra as you." She told me her accent thick and alluring.

Over the years she changed. She found tweezers, found style and grew breast.

She's hella sexy. But she's a dolphin humping whore.

Birthday cake by Rihanna and Chris Brown came on and she blasted the radio. 

"BIRTHDAY CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE!" We shouted over the radio.

Her crazy driving got us into the parking lot in like two seconds.

Everyone knew to get the hell out of the way when they see a bright yellow beetle with eyes that have eye lashes for head lights.

She parked into a teachers parking space in the front and we hopped out.

The teachers stopped making her park elsewhere when they saw that she just didn't care.

We hopped out and linked arms laughing. 

Senior year here we come.

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