Fall Into My Arms

(Harry Styles Fanfiction) Pipers sisters death sets her over the edge literally. When piper wants to take her own life away to be with her older sister Alice in heaven she goes to the building. The building that started it all. That ended Alice's life. And will soon end Pipers. But Pipers planed does go according to key. When she takes her last breath and dives. She doesn't hit the cold ground. Something or someone saved her.


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV. 

  I feel bad for piper truthfully. What would have driven her to be falling off buildings. I already know she didn't loose her balance that's why I asked. But why would a beautiful, and giggly girl like piper want to take her life away? We've just been walking in silence hand in hand. Her head leaning on my shoulder. I feel like the silence was comforting. As if we were stronger than words. I really liked pipers company and I could tell she liked mine. 

"Piper." I broke the silence. 

"Yeah Harry?" She asked taking her head off my shoulder and started to look into my eyes. 

I put my head down. Her eyes were to intimidating. 

"I was wondering since we er walked really far from your house if you'd like to uh, maybe stay with me, cause my flat is about a couple blocks ahead." 

"Oh yeah that's okay harry i don't want to intrude." She sighed. 

"No it's fine really. What kind of person would I be if I made you walk all the way home alone?" I asked. 

"A dick." She giggled. She let go of my hand and backed away from me a bit. 

"What's wrong." I asked. 

"I hear her."

"Hear who?" I asked. 

"Harry I better tell you now why I was on that roof top." She sighed. 

"You don't need to if you don't wan-" 

"I do. I'm ready." She cut me off. 

I nodded. 

"Ok my sister Alice and I were on that roof top a couple of months ago. And we were in a bit if an argument so she got mad and said she didn't care anymore. About life. About me. I know she didn't mean it but she lost her balance yelling at me. I tried to stop her harry. But it was to late." She was balling her eyes out by this point. As was I. 

She sucked it all in and took a deep breath and started to talk again. 

"So I went to that roof every night dangling my self over hoping the wind would take me to. It didnt. So I was gonna jump to night. I wrote her a note. Hoping shed catch it from heaven. But than when I was about to jump I felt you. Your arms made me feel there was hope for me." She sighed. 

I pulled her in closer to me. My arms around her back. Her arms around my neck. 

"Can I kiss you?" I asked awkwardly. 

She put her mouth to my ear and whispered. "Take me home." She didn't move though. Her mouth went right to my neck. She licked my neck and then started to suck were my vains are. A moan escaped my lips. She pulled off and looked at the hickey she left me with pleasure.

"So home?" I asked smiling. 

She giggled. "Piggy back ride?" She said playfully. 

  Piper has that crazy suductive side and that crazy giggly side. I can't choose which one i like both. There both sexy to me. 


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