One Way Or Another

"Look Maisy, we can do this i promise we can make it through. We can get passed this, please"

I looked up into his green orbs.

"Harry I cant do this anymore..."


2. Torture and a Smile


~ 2 years before ~


"MAISY GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED!!!" A groan escapes my lips as i shove my head back under my pillow, refusing to get up and face the world. "COME ONNNNNN" Within a second cold shivers covered my body as my blanket is ripped away from me, i look up at my friend, she is ready to go, in short pants and a sports bra, great i hate mornings, why the hell did i agree to this. Another groan escapes my lips as i roll myself out of bed and into the bathroom for a warm shower before we go. "OH NO YOU DON'T, WE AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT" I just roll my eyes and spin around now heading for my wardrobe, i change into similar clothes but just a singlet on top and slip on some joggers, my hair gets tied back into a ponytail and that how i walked out the door, this morning, at 3AM!!! 


"Aria! Slow down! I'm not as used to this as you are" I call to her as she slows down her pace, rolling her eyes at me.

"Gezz Maisy its just a jog on the beach not a marathon its not that hard" I stop bending over gasping for air, was definitely not ready for this. She begins to move again, picking up the pace as i drag alone behind. 

There are a few other groups of people out this morning, doing the same as us, two elderly women speed walking, a guy and his dog, and a few others. I hear laughing and turn around to see who it was, there was another group, of 4 or 5 boys. All jogging together, the one at the front with short dark brown hair, not even breaking a sweat. The other trailing behind looking like they don't really wanting to be there. 

Within a few seconds they catch up to me which isn't hard since i am going so slow, "Hey" one of them says, not quite sure which one "Uh hey" i reply not really sure what to say,

"Your not used to this yet are you? Let me guess a friend dragged you out here?" That time it was the one with blonde hair,

"Yeah and she ditched me, I cant even see her anymore, there goes my ride home"

"We could give you a lift! Right boys?" the one with brown perfect curls asks, well states. They all nod. 

"Well Umm ok thanks" and with that we all headed up to the cars.

"Oh right, sorry, I'm Liam" says the one that was leading the group, "that's Niall" he says pointing to the blonde one who asked me questions before, "over there is Zayn and Louis" he says pointing to the one with the messy dark brown hair and one with a cheeky smile on his face, "oh and that's Harry" he says again pointing to the one who offered me a ride home, the one with gorgeous curly hair. He shot me a smile and walked over to me, with those perfect dimples showing.

Nice to meet you" Harry said kissing my hand

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