One Way Or Another

"Look Maisy, we can do this i promise we can make it through. We can get passed this, please"

I looked up into his green orbs.

"Harry I cant do this anymore..."


3. The Race and Locked Out


We all continue walking to the van, then the boys start running, except Harry, he was too busy looking at me. "I'ts mine!" Zayn yells, what the hell? I look over at Harry to see whats going on, and a look of remembrance washes over him, he grabs my hand and pulls me with him, us both sprinting towards the orange comby van. Liam leaps into the drivers seat with a relieved expression on his face and its between Niall, Louis, and Zayn for the passenger one. Zayn is just in front of Louis, sprinting along, but just as they were about to hit the concrete of the carpark, Louis sticks his foot out and trips Zayn, letting Louis get the the passenger seat first. "Hey no fair!" Zayn yells with a pouty face, and Louis just shoots him a wink. 


Niall and Zayn both load into the back of the van, giving us a apologetic smile, at first I didn't understand then as we piled in, I understood. The only seats left were the two at the very back, they were dirty and, and covered in dust, also it would be squishy because they had all their stuff in the back seat. I hear Harry groan at the boys "Come on at least let the lady get a good seat" they all shake their heads, and begin to get comfortable. While Harry and I sit uncomfortably in the back. 

"I'm so sorry about this love, i should have warned you" perfect British Accent. 

"Its fine I don't mind really" i say letting out a giggle, honestly I didn't mind, it beat walking home alone, and well I kinda liked getting squished up against Harry.

"So where are we going...uh...oh I'm such a idiot, I didn't even ask your name..." Liam yells so that we can hear him in the back. 

"Maisy, Maisy Fields, and 11 Avondale Street" I say, a little nervous. 

"Hey that's not too far from mine, maybe we could meet up again sometime as mates or something" Liam says concentrating on the road. 

"Yeah cool" I reply not to sure what to say


Within a few minutes I am home, and go to the door, its locked, great Aria is the only one with a key. I go to sit down and wait, expecting the boys to leave, but they don't. Harry gets out, "Locked out?" i nod, he grabs my hand, tugging on it. "Come on, you can come to ours for a little, don't want you out here this early in the morning, its still dark out." At first I was a little cautious, but then happily agreed and crawled back into the back of the van.

Once seated a yawn escapes my lips, "Tired love?" I nod and Harry grabbed my head and rested it on his shoulder. I could feel his body warmth against mine, it was...calming


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