Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


15. What's Going On?

Camilla P.O.V.
I reached outside, the sun was blistering, I fall to my knees and started to cry. Why can't I remember, how did I even get here? Who are those people? Why does my arm hurts? What's going on?

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I looked it was the doctor. 

"Camilla, we need you back inside, I know you don't remember what happen, but we will try to tell you what's happening?", I sighed, they helped me up, they brought me inside again. 

Liam P.O.V.
I can't believe she remember me, us, she's my girlfriend, she sacrifice her memory for me. I... Can't believe it, am I going to lose her. LIAM NO! Your not she's the girl you love, you have to jog her memory. I'm not losing her this time. As they came back in, Camila sat next to me. I grabbed her hand. She looked at me.

"Camilla, I know you don't remember me, but we love each other and you almost save me from dying, I'm your boyfriend,

"I'm sorry, but all you people are nice and everything, but I don't even know who you are? And how I got here? And now I'm hearing, that I have a super cute boyfriend, and I lost my memory by loosing a brain cell, this just....too sudden for me"

"And it's very sudden for you to lose your memory, Mr. And mrs Florence you have to find a way to find her memory, it can be pictures or one of her special memory, so we will let go out"

"What about me?", I asked.

"As for you Liam, take that's crunches and you may go home and help your girlfriend, Camilla, your going home with your parents, they will try to jog your memory", the doctor said, I got out of the hospital bed, I went toy he bathroom and changed my clothes. As I got out, they have me my crunches. Camilla was on a wheelchair. 

Her dad sign out, and we left to go home. As we got home, her dad drove her car. We got home and we help Camilla out of the car and into the house. 

"How are we going to remember us?", her dad said.

"Wait maybe a photo album", her mum run upstairs and in a few minutes came back down.

"Sweetie look through this and maybe this will help", Camilla slowly grabbed it from her, and flipped the first picture. As for few pictures.

"So Camilla, don't you remember anything?", Her dad said.

"No...sorry....this can't be me, i think you must be looking for the wrong girl"

"Camilla your the girl", I said.

"What are we going to do? I don't remember what's her favorite memory?"

That gave me an Idea, our first kiss, was in the kitchen, when I made fun of her show. 

"I got it, make her stand in the kitchen near the sink", her mom,
pushed her to the kitchen, and she picked up Camilla, Camilla stood on the spot. 

"Make her turn around", I said and they turned her around, okay I want you two to go out, this has to be done only me an her", I said they understood. 

I went back put and do what I just did on our first kiss. I walked in and just in exact words.

I'm sorry",I whisper into her ear," and your not a loser,your really beautiful and normal girl,that I always want to spend my life with".

She turn like she exactly did.

"Wait what?"

"I said I want to spend my life with you,Camilla I'm in love with you, I leaned in and kissed her, my hands sneaked around her waist, she was shocked at first but she kissed me back, she put her arms around my neck. We pulled apart.



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