Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


30. Say Goodbye....For Now

^^Camilla's P.O.V.^^

As I was standing in my room looking at my picture gram of me and Liam.

As I walk in to my English class, and while I walked in and see and Macy having a makeout session, gross, as I rolled my eyes,and walked ahead past them I sit behind Liam, then I stared at them,so annoying, I cleared my throat,they stopped,and looked at me. 
"What do you want?", said Macy giving me an evil glare, while Liam just sit their staring at me awkwardly and locking his eyes with mine,I didn't pay attention to him so I answer her question.

"I want you, to stop kissing your little boyfriend here,before I have to kill myself",I said

"your just jealous cause you don't have a boyfriend,or popularity", said Macy

"well maybe I don't want a boyfriend and being popular,their just so stuck up and making us do their homework, no offense Liam", I said

"oh yeah can you do my math homework for me,cause I'm so failing math"

"Okay but not until you make me play in the games for batting"

"Fine,whatever you do my homework,and I will make you play in the games", she said
"okay it's a deal you cannot break"

"Deal!" Then the bell ring,she groaned and looked at me, 

"whoops,did I made you guys miss your makeout session", I said giving her a'so-sorry-face',then she got out of Liam lap and left to go to her seat. I smiled because finally she's out of my face.
(after class) 

"I Need to speak with Liam Payne", said Mrs. Logan, 
as I packed all my belongings and when I kinda over heard their conversation.

"Liam your failing English,and you need to do a better job,I suggest you need a tutor,and I know a girl who have the highest grade in this class", she said,

I stopped,and thought that I have the highest,grade in this class,Oh CRAP! I zipped up my bag and run to the door till, I heard.

"WAIT,Miss Florence come back here",I stopped and sighed and turn around and put a half smile on my face.

"yes Mrs.Logan,may I help you with something", I said.

"yes,can you tutor Liam with English I suggest you do an essay first."

"Okay I guess I will tutor Liam," I said about to walked out

"and some reason Macy grade is almost to the same level like yours Camilla,are you like doing her work and homework"

"what? Trust me she's really good in English,and I'm not doing her work",I said lying. 

"Okay now you may go"
"thank you", as I walked out I rolled my eyes,thank god it's over,then I heard.

"WAIT!",I turned around it was Liam trying to catch up to me, 

"wait,when should we start----uhh..."


"when should we start Camilla?"

"probably at my house after our practice",I said
"how do you know I have practice after this,are you stalking me",he said pointing at me,then I laugh, showing my ugly dimples. 

"haha you know you have to cutest dimples and the cutest smile I ever see,I'm not lying they are cute",he said laughing.

"there not adorable or cute,I really hate them,and well..I'm so hard on myself",I said while we walked out through the door,

"well they are cute and you shouldn't be hard on yourself I like the way you are", he said then I blushed and turn my face away.

"hey your also adorable when you are blushing", he pointed out my cheek. 


"can I asked you something? Why did you lie that you don't do Macy homework and work? And you do her work everytime"
"cause it's that I have this secret and she knows it,and she said if she said if I don't do it she will blackmail me, and tell my secret to this person who out really care about,but he doesn't know he I do"

"oh..um you er..well I should um..get to...um Baseball practice,and well see you after practice,well um okay,um bye",he sai while just running away. Okay what's with him lately.Weird.
**end of Flashback**

I felt to strong arms being pulled closer to someone, I look it was Liam.

"Hey babe", I said and peck his lips, I turn around to see him.

"Hey, what you thinking?"

"I was just remembering the first time I tutored you that day"

"Oh you mean the one with that you had the cutest dimples, and I make you blush"

"Yes that one", I smiled.

"You were really hard on yourself when I first met you"

"Well not anymore because you were there to fix it"

"Yeah, and you make Macy do her homework, for batting in the games"

"Well yeah, cause lets just say I'm desperate for batting in the games"

"I'm going to miss you when your t New York"

"Liam, about New York and you bring here in London I just---"

"Hold that thought, here I made this for you", he interrupted me and he handed me a album, it was full of pictures of us. A tear slipped out of my eye.

"Liam it's beautiful,I love it"

"Your welcome babe, so what were you going to say?"

"That.....I'm going to miss you forever"

"Me too babe", he said and kissed me. That wasn't I was suppose to say. 

"Alright, lets get you to the airport", my dad clapped his hands and we pulled apart.

"Okay dad", I said, I grabbed my suitcase and we walked down to the car. As I put my luggage in the back, I went in the car, Liam put his arms over me, and smiled, I smiled back.

"Alrighty then lets get to it", my mom said, as we drove to the airport, as I watch trees passing by, birds flying, watching the clouds partly move really slow. This was the end, the end of my life in London, not going to see my friends or family or even Liam. 

In 20 minutes we made it to the airport I guy my luggage and Liam helped me and so did my dad.

"We got a surprise for to I before you leave the airport dear", my mother said.

"Really what is it?", I asked, then two cars drove by, as the car door open I saw about 8 pairs of legs, as they shows their face I was so shocked.

"BAILEY!!", I yelled, I ran up to her and hugged her, she hugged me back. I saw Louis, Macy? And Max.

"Macy, Max nice to see you again"

"Hello little sister", he said and hugged me.

"Alright lets not waste her time before she miss her flight lets head inside", we nodded and walked inside, as we reached inside we did all the things, checking our bags and our selves blah blah blah. We sat down and I finally talk to Bailey,
I haven't seen her in months for Max, years.

"Flight 1098 to New York City, Flight 1098 to New York City, you flight is ready", on que I got up so did everyone else. I sighed, as they lined up. I walked to my mom. She hugged me.


"Me too mom and please don't cry cause your gonna make me cry", I said and hugged her I walked up to my dad, he hugged me.

"Good luck sweetie always remember do your best out there and no clubbing late at night"

"Yes dad", I chucked and hugged him and he kissed my head whispering love you. I walked up to Max,Macy,Liam,Bailey, and Louis, I just want to say goodbye all of them at once I mean, Im gonna miss my flight.

"Well I guess this is goodbye", I said, and Bailey poured tears and tackled me in a hug, and she hugged me super tight.

"IM GOING TO MISS YOU!!IM LOVE YOU AS A FRIEND WAY AND GROUP HUG!" She yelled and they all hugged me super tight and they cried. 

"Guys.....I love you too..but do me a favor....I...can't...breathe...your squeezing me too tight", then they let go, I took a deep breath, I walked up to Max.

"Well little sis, have fun out there, not too much fun"

"Haha okay Maxie", I rubbed his hair. I walked up to Louis and we just hugged and said "thanks for setting me and Bailey up"

"Your welcome you guys are a cute couple anyways"

"True that"

I walked to Macy, and she just stared at me.

"Look Macy I--"

"No let me finish, I'm sorry all the crap I done to you ever since Pre-K, I'm just jealous that's all"

"Why are you jealous?"

"Cause your really pretty and a good softball player who should've the team captain, and you really earn to be a national player and who should be with Liam, you guys are perfect with each other and I regret that I shouldn't have done horrible stuff to you", I smiled and hugged her.

"Thanks Macy, I'm always will be your friend"

"Me too, I will miss you Cami"

"You too Mac", I walked up to Liam, he had tears In his eyes.

"Liam.."I said he looked up and he just kissed me,but not a normal kiss everyday, I mean one long passionate kiss that meant something.

"I love you Liam"

"Never let go of me"

"I will never", I can't let him go, I can't leave him depress, I'm not...not going to forget him. 

"I should get going, bye guys I love you so much", I said and grabbing my stuff and walking to the gate, I looked and I waved before I walked in the plane. Then I left those sad long faces. I will never forget their face, but all I know their in my heart. 

"I love you guys", I whispered to myself and I plugged in my earbuds to my iPhone and I listen to the some songs, I sat near the window and looked out, I sighed. 

"All this time....I didn't realize, I was a loser who was on the opposite side of popularity but I just felt something.....

"I'm Feeling the Opposite" 

>>>Mystery P.O.V.<<<
"Sir, the plane is about to take off what are next move?"

"Follow Camilla around and wait till we find they right place", I smirk, well Camilla you have nobody to scream over. 
A/N: AND THATS THE END OF THIS CHAPTER, just wanna say thank you all for liking this and favoriting this, and now I'm just about to make my new story "New Boy in Town", and after Teenager spirit is done, that's when I make my sequel for Feeling the Opposite. Ta ta for ya. I don't just random.


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