Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


17. Love Baby *16+++*

^^ Camilla P.O.V.^^

"What the.... Mom are you serious?", I tried to pulled a fake smile.

"I know dear that Max is in college, but are you happy you don't have to be the younger child"

"I guess"


"I'm going up to my room now"

"Okay dear me and your father is going to a restaurant to celebrate our baby, wouldn't you mind if you stay here",, I nodded and walked upstairs, and I went in my room, I fell back on my bed, I grabbed a pillow and put it on my face and screaming into it.

"You okay?", asked Liam.

I took it off my face, and looked at him.

"Not really?"

"Is it because your having a little sibling? What's the problem?"

"Well.... It's just...I don't know it's just that it happen so soon, and I'm going off to college"

"Well it's perfect they have time to take care of the baby"

"But dear what about the collage you were going to?"

"I think Baseball is what I should stick at"

"And softball is mine, Liam we will go to a different collage and you will find someone different the me and married them and have wonderful kids"

"Camilla that's not true, well the collage is, but I will never find someone whose different as you, and the only one I want to marry is you, I want to have kids with you, and I wanna make love to you"

"Then do it"

"What? Camilla are you ready for it?"

"Yes, and I'm always ready?", I said, he nodded and walked to his room. He came back with a packet.

"I found it in your brother's room in his mattress, it's still useful", I smiled, he closed the door and locked it. He walked to my window and he shut it, and closed the curtains he went on top of me straddle his legs on my hips. It was a little dark, but we can still see. He kissed my lips passionately, and I kissed back, he leaned me back, and my head hits the pillows. His tongue asking for entrance, I let him, our youngest were exploring. I moaned in his mouth, his mouth move to my jaw, and I my neck as his mouth was in the same spot like we did in the kitchen. I moaned.
"Li", I moaned out, I gripped his shirt, and he pulled apart, I lifted his shirt up and shown his tone abs, and his biceps, and I saw his tattoos in his arms.

"You really work out don't you", I said, and he smiled and nodded. His hands went under my shirt, he lift it up, and it shown my white lace bra. 

"Your perfect", he said, then he dove to my neck and started making love bites, I moaned his name. He kissed to my neck to my chest, I was enjoying this feeling, he kissed to my stomach, and I feel butterflies. As he reached to my shorts, he unbutton them and pulled them down, it showed my black lace panties.

 When he was about to pull them down, I flip him over, now I was on top if him, I kissed him passionately, and I bit his bottom lips, and asked my tongue for entrance and he granted it. His hands went to my bum and he squeezed it, I gasped.

"Sorry babe"

"It's okay, but do it again", he smiled and did it, I went back to kissing him, and my hands run in his hair, I went to his jaw, and to his ear, he moaned when I kissed his ear lobe. I went to his neck and his chest and stomach. I straddle my hips, and pulled his sweatpants and saw him in his boxer, I saw the grow bungle through it. I lifted my eyebrow and he blushed, I giggled, and I place my hand on it. I gasp as I pressed it on his hard member, and rubbed it hard. I heard low moans from his mouth.

"Camilla", he moaned, I rubbed it back and forth as hard as I can. Then his moans turn to pants, as I was in the process if running him, he flipped me over again, and he placed his member on my area, I gasp of how hard he is pressing it wanting me to want him more. He ran over my most sensitive spot that Im uncontrollable of. I wrapped my legs around his back, and his hands went next to my head. As he roughly ran over it again and again. Our moans turn into pants.

"B-b-baby, p-p-please, d-d-don't stop", I panted, and moan. He stopped and I was breathing hard.

"Sit up", he said breathing also hard. I did why he said and he unclasp my bra, I hold then up when it got loose. I squealed. 

"Ssshhh baby, it's okay, your beautiful and I don't care what you look like", he said I nodded and moved my hand away. My bra fell, and he leaned me back once again. He was sucking my breast, and making it hard. I run my hands through his hair. I moaned, enjoying the feeling. He went my my other breast and does the same thing. I moaned loudly. I flip him again. I got on and I pulled down his boxer and saw his long length. He blushed, and I smiled, I bent down and started to out it in my mouth, I started to started sucking on it. He was moaning and his fingers running through my hair, I felt it getting hard.

"I'm going to cum"

Go ahead babe", I said and he cim in my mouth, I swallowed it and I came back up and kissed him, his tongue went in my mouth feeling the access cum. He flipped me over and pulled down my black lace panties, he bend down and blew in my area.

"L-Liam", he rubbed his finger on my sentence spot and I moan loudly. 

"Wow I didn't know you were this wet for me"

"Shut up!", I said, he giggled, he add a finger inside me and I gasp he started pumping it. My room was filing with my moans, and I felt his tongue inside me. I moaned and I thrust my hips and started moaning loud.

"In close!", I said.

"Do it", he said, then I cum in his mouth, I not my lips try not to scream. Then my forehead was sweaty. He got up and lick his lips. He kissed my mouth and I can tasted the cum in his mouth. I moaned, then he leaned and grabbed the packet. He ripped it open and throwing it in the trash. I put It on his throbbing length, then he enter inside me, I squealed, cause it hurts like hell. 

"Shit!! Sorry baby, are you okay"

"Yeah I'm fine, lets just tried it one more time", I said, he enters me again. And again it hurts like hell.

"Baby, started moving", then he started to thrust, and the pain soon fade, it turn into so much pleasure. I moaned loudly, he was hitting G-spot every time. We were moaning loud. He was thrusting me against my bed his hands next to me, making my bed squeak. We moaned, he slams me harder and that makes me moan so loud, and I was close. I flipped him, and I started riding in him, I buckled my hips to it made us moan loudly, I was rocking my hips and bouncing on him. He was enjoying the feeling and I was also, this is love. I never really know I was having sex with the hottest boy in the school and I always am have dreams of us having sex, it kinda turned me on, and made me moan into reality when I'm sleeping. I pulled myself out and he went behind me, and enter inside me there, he laid me down, I have my arms into a push up position and Liam arms are stabbed around my waist and around my stomach, he was thrusting behind me. We started to moan and pant.

"Faster!", I said and he picked up the lace and started to ride on me.

"L-L-Liam I-I-I'm close"

"Okay baby, do it", he said I released the hot fluid on him, we moaned loudly, and we collapsed on each other. He threw away the condom. Then we went underneath the blankets. Covered in sweat. He wrapped his arms around me and hold me close.

"That was--" I started off.

"Amazing", he said, I smiled, and my head fell on his chest I breath hard.

"Camilla... We're you a"

"Virgin, well yes"

"So I took your virginity away"

"Well I was wishing that you can take away my virginity and it came true"

"You were hoping that I would have sex with you", he chuckled 

"Well yeah you are the hottest boy in the school, but enough of that we're you a.."

"No, I don't want to talk about it"

"Is it that you were really drunk and you lost your virginity with Macy when you two first met?"

"How did you know that?"

"She kinda told everyone and that's how she became popular"

"I wish I didn't lost my virginity that time I wish I lose it this time"


"Cause I want to lose it with the girl I love", I smiled and I kissed him, we went to sleep. Best night ever.
No hate... This was in my dreams, mostly my chapters were in my dreams. Soo hope you enjoy. 

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