Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


29. Later in the Month

A/N: the last chapter is chapter 30 is the last chapter
^^Camilla P.O.V.^^ 
The trip was a blast, Paris was a few problems here and there, , Italy was alright, I mean the girls was all flirty around Liam, but Liam stood closet to me. Today was when we are leaving, and next week I'm leaving to New York. As I was sitting on the chairs and playing with Liam hair. We woke up early. Liam was sleeping on my lap, I let him use my jacket as a pillow, it was warm and comfy. I also have the giraffe in my hands. My mum came up to me quietly.

"Is he asleep?", I smiled and nodded. 

"Well okay, I want to talk about you about New York"


"Well since you and Liam are going your separate ways...I think it's best....", she was having trouble saying words.

"I think it's best that you and Liam should see other people"

"What?! Mum!", I whispered and yelled, "me and Liam love each other and we promise not to let go"

"That was when you were Seniors, honey, your going to live in New York for a 3 years, and you and Liam will be far away, I think you should think over it", she said, getting up, and walking to my dad. I looked at Liam, his eyes fluttered open. 

"Good morning babe"

"Good morning"

"Flight 2368,to England, Wolverhampton, Flight 2368, to England, Wolverhampton your flight is ready", 

as they announced it we got up and walked to the plane. I sighed and over think what my mom just said. I love Liam, and he loves me, he doesn't want to let go of me, does he. Well if I'm leaving Liam, then I basically leaving my family, Bailey, and other people. I can't afford to find new boyfriend and new friends. This is harder then I thought. 

*skip plane ride* 
As we got to England, we rode a cab and drove back home. I kept quiet the while entire way. As we got there I exited the car and got my luggage, I felt a hand on my wrist I turn it was Liam.

"Camilla is there something wrong babe? You haven't talk to me ever since we left from Italy"

"Well...next week I'm leaving and it's only a Friday....I'm just thinking how hard it's going to be for me to leave you here"

"I know baby,but don't worry, we have each other in our heart no matter we go or wherever, sure I may not be there when you get hurt, but always know I'm right in your heart"

"Thanks Liam", I said, and hugged him, we walked in, I run upstairs and started to get boxes. I have to pack, I'm leaving on Monday morning. Only have two days to be here. Make the most of it.

>>Mystery P.O.V.<<
"Layla, you don't a good job last month in Paris, Robin terribly failed, but you will get paid out the door, your work here is done"

"But I thought we're ruining Camilla life"

"We are, it's that I'm finishing the job so your free to go", I said getting up and walking out. 

"So sir what's the next move"

"Going to New York City, pack your bags we're moving to the next mission", Camilla doesn't know what's coming towards her.
A/N: hey guys the next one is the last chapter :(, in pretty sad that this is already ending, well good make the best of it.

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