Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


4. Chapter 4

Liam P.O.V

She doesn't go around me,cause ever since I met Macy and kissed her,I still have feelings for Camilla,then I guess that kiss hurt her,but why did it hurt her,does she like me?No Liam she can't,she said she cared about someone else,she said she care about this guy,is it Tom,on the football team,or James on our baseball team,she loves baseball so probably on my team,she said in freshmen year through out to Senior year,she still likes a guy from my team,I was pretty sad that she likes someone else,and I overheard some of my team mates said that Camilla hot,and and one will go to the prom with her,I was about to asked her to prom last year,but Macy said she was excited that she bought a expensive dress and never can be return for prom,then I can't just let myself past her,she brought a dress for our date to the prom and she wasted too much money already so I asked her and Macy said yes,then I overheard a conversation that Camilla and Bailey were having. I heard that some guy asked out Camilla and she said yes,and couldn't wait to go to prom with him,and then when it was prom night I say her in a beautiful black sparkly dress that the mid thigh and it was strapless,her hair was wavy and she was so beautiful,she was looking around for her date,until she saw him with another girl kissing,then she run out crying,I was about to chase her until Macy pulled me in to the dance floor,and we were announce at prom king and queen. Then the next day,she wasn't at school that day,that's when I got mad and punch the dude who asked her out. Then she didn't know who punch him.

"Liam are you there",said Camilla snapping me out of the memory I had.

"yeah im here just stuck in my thoughts",I said,"hey Camilla,can I ask you one more question?"

"and whats that",she said.

"tell me the guy you cared about",trying to find out who she likes.

"um hes caring,sweet,cute,has a sense of humor,he's on the baseball team,and he just had a bad relationship like yours kinda",she said still keeping her eyes on the road,all those things she said,i'm liked that,wait! could she meant that the guy is me,I just had a bad relationship,im on the baseball team,so it could be mean,right?

"well we're here",said Camilla turning off the engines when she took out her keys.

"Liam do you have another car when we have to tutor again",she asked me.

"yeah I do,its like yours but in black",I said, when we went inside she told me,

"oh my parents are at work and probably get home late",

"oh so its just me and you",I said

"pretty much,are you hungry",she said

"well kinda"

"lets make lunch,she said running into the kitchen like a 5year old,she always makes me laugh, thats the thing I like about her,she's always act like the real her,not like pretending to be such a know it all,and be the best player,she just believe in herself.

"so Liam want ice cream",she said handing me with a fork,

"I think I will eat with the....spoon",I said so she thinks I will eat normal,

"Liam I know you have a phobia of spoons and i'm not making eat ice cream with a spoon,okay and its perfectly natural I eat soup with my fork,and I will do the same with my ice cream,I can eat ice cream with a fork so you won't have to be alone by eating with a fork",she said handed a fork to me.

"thanks,Macy thinks i'm weird and force me to eat with a spoon,and I wouldn't eat anything at her house and she torches me when she eats her food in front of me,everytime I said can I have a bite,she always say I have to eat with a spoon.'

"well i'm not Macy,and I don't think your weird its perfectly natural",she said having a hard time with carrying ice cream on her fork.I laugh when she tried licking her fork with her togune and then she stabbed the ice cream with her fork.

"should we start doing the essay that the teacher assigned us",I said

"yeah we should,c'mon my room is upstairs follow me",she said walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. As we headed to her room,I set my back pack down and sat on her bed.

"okay lets start",she said, she was gathering all her papers and binders for the essay,I was pretending I was doing work,and I always look at her amazing hair falls to her shoulder,and down to her waist. I..I..I think i'm falling head over heels with this girl.


A/N: so sorry that i haven't post anything yet,I was so busy this week. and sorry about the last chapter that was misspelled,I didn't have time to re read it,and I was doing it on my ipod cause my brothers we're using the laptop and the computer,so i'm sorry about my mistakes,promise i will do better.


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