Feeling the Opposite

Camilla Florence is just your average highschool girl, who is on the loser side, and while she has her major crush, Liam Payne,whose on the popularity side with his leather men baseball jacket. Liam is on the baseball team and the team captain, and Camilla is on the softball team,but not the team captain, the team captain is,Macy Hales, whose Liam girlfriend,but what happen when Liam needs a tutor and notice Camilla or will he just be a jock and stick to his side instead if Camilla's.


3. chapter 3

Camilla's P.O.V.

 I'm just at softball practice while i'm the outfielder, we don't have a netto seperate the softball area and the soccer area,so basicly we shared the field. As I waited for one of my softball mate hit the ball,I felt something hit my feet,I looked down,it was a baseball,I pickedit up,and it has a writing on it.

'hey look to the left side of you', I looked it was Liam waving at me,I was about to waved back,but Macy saw Liam and she was telling what all love couple do,'hey baby' or'hows my awsome and handsome boyfriend',just make me feel sick inside me. As I heard the bat hit a softball,it was a popfly,I yelled "I GOT IT!!', then I was running backwards,and I caught it. I threw it to my team mate,then when I was about to walk back to my postion,I heard

"HEADS!!!', I turned around,and it was the soccer team who yelled it,then I looked up,and the soccer ball hit me on the head.I tumble backwards and fell down on the grass.

"oh my god i'm so sorry Cami"

I looked up,it was Bailey.

"its okay Bailey"

"hey do you wanna help me with math after this"

"I can't,I have to tutor Liam for English at my house after practice"

"Gasp,your tutoring your biggest crush,maybe he will think that he made a mistake going to MAcy and you guys will go out and leave Macy on her knees and crying out and being a loner,and i will laugh on the ground so hard that Louis thinks i'm funny and he will go out with me and we will get married  and live happy ever after"

"cut it out Bailey,Liam loves Macy way more then me",I said.

"well we can talk on the phone after you 'tutor' tonight",she quoted the word 'tutor',then I playfully slapped Bailey shoulder,and then she ran to the soccer field. I laugh when she trip over the soccer ball,I laughed,oh Bailey clumsy clumsy Bailey.

Then I ran to go get my softball bag and headed to the locker room,to change into my practice uniform to my normal school clothes. As I got to the girls locker room,I changed into my clothes. As I was about to walk out until,I got pushed by Macy.

"Look here loser,I heard from Liam you tutoring him,and i'm fine with TUTORING,but if I see him,always coming up to you everyday,I will tell him that you like him and tell the whole school,Camilla Florence loves Liam Payne my boyfriend", she said giving me a evil glare.

"look,here Macy,Liam doesn't love me,okay we're just friends,JUST FRIENDS, and if he has to desperately come up to me,which that will never happen,then I won't run away from him,so say all you want Macy,cause you never know when it last.", I said walking away,and head to my car. As I walked to my car,I open the car trunk,and put my bags there,Then I felt a light tap on my shoulder,I turned around it was Liam.

"hey Liam whats up?"

"nothing Cami,and saw you got hit with a soccer ball,are you okay?',he asked me politely.

"yeah i'm  okay it's just Bailey,my idiotic friend who plays soccer", I said closing my car trunk and putting my black Rave bands,and closing my car trunk,I pushed my hair back,and lean on my car.

"so should I follow you with my car to your house since,I never been there before",he asked me holding one backpack strap around his shoulder.

"yeah you can so don't get lost,okay"

"okay then see you at your house",then he walked to his car,and walked to mine,as I turned around I saw him kissed Macy,my heart sunk,well all I know that he doesn't like me.


Liam P.O.V.

As I looked at Camilla dark brown eyes before she put her glasses on,looking her her hair flowing when the wind blows,shes so....beautiful. Shes nice to people,shes caring,funny,has a sense of humor,wait thats basically funny,anyways kinda shy,and love her cute dimples when she's smile,she's like kinda Harry,but she doesn't looked like Harry sister. As I went to my car,I saw Macy come up to me,and just randomly kissed me.God! I hate when she always wanna make out in public,I tried to stop,but she hold my neck tight,I pushed her away from my lips and said,

"Macy can we get a break from making out,I hate when I have a makeout session in public and I have to go to Camilla's house to tutor me",I said,

"but baby,I can tutor you,i'm so good in English and my lips",she said

"MACY!! you always let Camilla do your homework,which its not fair to her,that you get a good grade,and she does all the credit,the teach almost knew about her doing your work,but she lied she didn't do it that its all your hard work,and you really do good in English,and which its not",I said in one breath.

"well she didn't mind,and of course she has to lie,we made a deal that I will put in her in some of the games while she does my work,and she don't really care if she does my work,she does my test also,I will give her my paper,and grabbed a p]random paper,and the teachers will think i'm doing the test"

"MACY!! you can't do that to Camilla,she deserves a better life"

"are you on Camilla side and not on your girlfriend side"

"YOU KNOW WHAT!! its over,I'm not your boyfriend and I never loved you,you weren't always at my games,and you always wink to Harry,and all you want to do is kiss,well thats not what kind of girl I want",I said.

"THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT LIAM PAYNE!!",she yelled back,causing a scene,and I saw the lads looking a me,then I let out that makes everybody gasp and whisper.

"I WANT CAMILLA!!"I yelled.

"what?!?! you want that little bastard"

"she's not a bastard and she's nice to everybody,and your not,you made a poor girl cry two days ago when I went shopping with you"

"cause she was flirting with you"

"SHE WAS ONLY 8 AND I WAS ALWAYS BABYSITTING HER",then I heard someone walking up to us,it was Camilla

"Liam do you want me to tutor you or you-----oh um I guess your busy with your girlfriend I understand-"

"no,she's not my girlfriend anymore,Camilla give me her homework",I interrupted her,then she did what she was told to,then gave it to me.

"here Macy do your own work?okay cause Camilla is not doing it for you",I said handed to MAcy.

"FINE LIAM!! Then I want the Rover I got you for your birthday",said MAcy

"FINE!TTAKE THE KEYS I DON'T WANNA RIDE A STUPID EXPENSIVE RIDE ANYWAYS!" i yelled and threw the keys on the grounf and grabbed Camilla and walked away.

"um what did I miss?and how are you going to get to my house now",she said

"um do you mind if I can ride with you",I said

"no problem", as we get inside and she backed up,and drove off. Maybe I can asked Camilla for a date after I go home,yeah,then I will asked her out on the date,perfect,she will be the perfect girl I always want,I always have a crush on her when I saw her in kindergarden,and I still do, but I totally forgot why I asked out Macy in the first place,oh yeah I remember she was pushed in the mud and I helped her,and I guess thats when I asked for a playmate,then wait,when me and Macy kiss and I looked up and saw Camilla eyes,and they were watery,and she looked down and I guess walked away,

'THAT'S IT", I yelled in the car

"what it?",asked Camilla

"nothing", I know why she doesn't go around me.

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